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A Letter From Philip Kapleau, Roshi to Yamada Koun, Roshi.

“The first year he [Yasutani Hakuun (安谷 白雲)] came to Rochester he gave me permission to hold daisan. He told me I could do that until he returned to the United States the following year, at which time he would have a public ceremony for me if everything went all right in the meantime. Unfortunately, everything did not go all right in the interim. Many things happened involving Eido Shimano (嶋野 栄道), who was living in New York at that time. As a result of Eido’s (栄道) behavior, when Yasutani Roshi (安谷 白雲)] came to New York the following year I phoned him and told him not bring Eido (栄道) with him to Rochester. This was a foolish thing for me to say to the Roshi (安谷 白雲) and he obviously resented it, because when he came to Rochester to hold a 7-day sesshin later on he was angry with me.”

“Furthermore, you must know that teachers under certain circumstances do permit students to teach regardless of how many koans they have passed or even if they have passed none at all.  In this connection, Nakagawa Soyn [sic] Roshi (中川 宋淵) himself told me that he did not even have kensho when Yamamto Gempo Roshi (山本  玄嶂) appointed him his successor.”




Schedule of 10th Anniversary Celebration.

Schedule and list of gifts to be presented to participants at the 10th Anniversary celebration.










A Letter of Gratitude to Kobutsu for a Non-Contribution to the Memories Section of the SŌEN ROKU.

"Thank you for your contribution to the Memories section of the SOEN ROKU, which was first distributed on July 2nd at International Dai Bosatsu Zendo Kongo-ji as a part of its Tenth Anniversary celebrations.

A copy of the SOEN ROKU is sent to you under separate cover with the compliments and deep appreciation of Eido Shimano Roshi, Abbot.




The Sōen Roku
Page 193

The Plumber's Smile
by anonymous


"One day, Kobutsu was working alone in the monastery basement, crawling around in the pipes that run along the ceiling. There was no one in the basement, and Kobutsu was waiting for a drop of water to show up on the stem of a leaky valve that he had just tightened. Eido Roshi walked, no, sort of scuffled slowly into the room. He was obviously in a samadhi state as was Kobutsu up on the ceiling. Since Kobutsu's Samadhi was imperfect, he was distracted by the Roshi's approach. Being mindful, and not wishing to disturb the Roshi, he did not make a sound. Consequently, the Roshi was apparently unaware of Kobutsu's presence."

This is the story as it was written and given to Eido Shimano, it was about an encounter with Eido Shimano not Sōen Roshi.




Minutes of ZSS Board of Trustees Meeting.

"Expenses, including gratuities to participating dignitaries, gifts, shipping, invitation and program costs, guest transportation, and many items more, totalled $36,626.07."

"David Schnyer reported receipt of a $50,000 contribution (earmarked for the guest house) from Laurence Rockefeller;"

"Certain expenses such as publishing costs for the Soan Roku book, food and refreshments July 2, and photography totalled $7,084.01"

"Finally, Eido Roshi (嶋野 栄道) reported that 10thAnniversary contributions for events taking place on July 2 (also some in connection with the Japan Society event June 30) had totalled $35,349.56."




Minutes of ZSS Board of Trustees Annual Meeting.

“Eido Roshi (嶋野 栄道) announced the resignation from the board of David Leddick”

 “Mrs. Shimano reported for the DBZ 10th Anniversary fund-raising committee an intake of $8,342.79 and distributions of $7,191.64.  It  was decided that  the balance of $1,151.15 would be distributed to NYZ for needed improvements and repairs.”

“ were being sent from NYZ and the board to Sylvan Busch, who was undergoing tests at  N.Y. Hospital.”




Minutes of ZSS Board of Trustees Meeting.

“Eido Roshi (嶋野 栄道) stated that this 15th day of September, 1987, the 19th Anniversary day of Shoboji, was the 49th day since the death of Sylvan Busch, president of The Zen Studies Society, founding member, and valued friend. A memorial service for Mr. Busch had been held at the Zendo on Sunday, September 13.”

“Miss Barnes said she believes The Zen Studies Society is legally bound to appoint a new president. After some discussion, it was decided that possible successors will be considered prior to the next board meeting.”

 “Mrs. Bankier proposed Wilkie Pretorius. Mr. Schnyer suggested Andrew Afable, a Washington, D. C. resident who heads Kashin Zendo. The other members of the board expressed approval of both men, and Eido Roshi (嶋野 栄道) was asked to find out if they would be willing to serve.”

“Miss Barnes said it would be desirable for another person serve on The Zen Studies Society Endowment Fund committee help evaluate investments. Wilkie Pretorius was suggested.”

“Mr. Spitz asked that agendas be sent to board members prior meetings, and Miss Barnes asked that minutes be circulated.”




Memorandum from Jikei Jean Bankier to ZSS Board of Trustees.

“Wilkie Pretorius and Andy Afable have accepted The Zen Studies Society's invitation to serve on the board and will attend the next meeting.”

“Mr. Schnyer said that he has asked for a year's leave of  absence commencing in March, 1988.”

“Mr. Milton said that he has written Michael Raftery requesting his formal resignation from the board. Mrs. Bankier will send Mr. Raftery a letter of resignation to sign.”



 “three executive committees will be created to direct the activities of the Zen Studies Society.” 

“THE CARLSON FUND, created from the present Zen Studies Society account with the addition of the revenue obtained by the sale of the 69th street house, will support educational activities.” 

“NEW YORK ZENDO SHOBO-Ji will provide people in New York City with the opportunity to study and practice Zen Buudhism.”

“DAI BOSATSU ZENDO KONGO-JI, located in Hardenburg New York, provides the world with an opportunity for traditional Zen monastic training.”

“Each committee will consist of a Committee Chairperson (CC), a Treasurer, and additional members (max. 9).  Both Committee Chairperson and the Treasurer must be Zen Studies Board members…” 

“THE ABBOT will act as an ex-officio member of each committee.  He will have veto power over the committee’s decisions.”




Minutes of ZSS Board of Trustees Annual Meeting.

"The name ‘Carlson Fund’ was changed to ‘The Zen Studies Society Endowment Fund’ ”

“Mr. Schnyer said that the DBZ gatekeeper is self-employed, and DBZ is not required to pay taxes or social security for him, although it does pay disability. He said a sub contract will be drawn up for the gatekeeper's services, which will run between $1400-1500 a month. Since this puts a strain n DBZ’s funds, Mr. Schnyer suggested approaching persons close to DBZ with the idea of a ‘gatekeeper sponsorship’ to a total of $10,000.”

[See: 19790331_DBZ_Malone.pdf ]




Letter from Jikei Jean Bankier to Genro Lee Milton.

Letter requesting confirmation in writing of resignation.

"In accordance with your wish to resign from the board of trustees of the Zen Studies Society and from the committee of New York Zendo Shoboji, please be advised that the board of trustees accepts your resignation and unanimously requests a written confirmation of it.”




Minutes of ZSS Board of Trustees Meeting.

“Eido Roshi (嶋野 栄道) opened the meeting by announcing that Lee Milton had left Dai Bosatsu Zendo during the last day of sesshin the previous day, and that he had resigned from the Zen Studies Society.”

“It was agreed that Clark Strand be sent to New York Zendo as resident and that the present Committee be disbanded and a new Committee be organized. Mrs. Shimano, Jean Bankier and Wllkie Pretorius would remain on the Committee and Bernard Spitz and Clark Strand would join them. Eido Roshi (嶋野 栄道) would invite additional Committee members." 

“Wilkie Pretorius was asked to have the locks changed at New York Zendo.”

“Eido Roshi (嶋野 栄道) reported that Jim Woolcott had taken a year's absence from his regular employment to work as caretaker for DBZ during that time. He had now approached Eido Roshi (嶋野 栄道) with a request for permanent employment. The Board was reminded that although he had been doing an excellent job, his full-time employment would entail an additional yearly expense of $18,000 to $20,000.”

“Dai Bosatsu Zendo was experiencing financial difficulties in view of the fact that the Open Center was not producing the anticipated income, two staff members had to be hired for the Guest House, a salary had to be paid to Jim Woolcott and that Keesei attendance was low. He asked the Board to consider different possible sources of income.” 

“..people wanted to attend Kessei to practice zazen and not to clean and make beds for outside groups. He [Andy Afable] advocated a 'pure' Kessei.”

 “Wilkie Pretorius suggested that Jim Woolcott's employment also produce income for DBZ. One possibility could be increased maple syrup production, allowing him to hire and pay for his own help, but sharing profits with DBZ.”

 “Yasuko Shimano suggested selling some real estate in order to raise capital for investment purposes. Eido Roshi (嶋野 栄道) added that the present 1400 acres held by the Zen Studies Society at Beecher Lake did not produce any income and that all the land was not needed for privacy.”

 “Eido Roshi (嶋野 栄道) requested that the possibility of a pension/retirement plan be considered in lieu of an increase in his salary.”

 “Eido Roshi (嶋野 栄道) voiced his feelings of disappointment about the attitudes and actions of some sangha members. He said that both he and Mrs. Shimano were tired and needed time to rest. He had even considered residing In Japan and visiting New York sporadically. He thought the sangha also needed time for rejuvenation.”




Minutes of ZSS Board of Trustees Meeting.

Eido Roshi's (嶋野 栄道) plans for the future.

“Eido Roshi (嶋野 栄道) said that being in charge of two Zendos was very exhausting.”

“He then announced his decision to resign as Abbot of New York Zendo effective December 31, 1988”

“Eido Roshi (嶋野 栄道) will visit Japan and upon his return inform the board about his plans for a leave of absence during 1989”

 “Eido Roshi (嶋野 栄道) will make Dai Bosatsu Zendo his residence and concentrate on activities there. He would, however, continue to maintain the New York residence at 333 East 69th Street.”

 “New York Zendo will thus be independent within the Zen Studies Society 'umbrella' organization.”

 “the board agreed that it was premature to discuss the sale of DBZ land as there was no urgency to do so”

 “Jim Woolcott’s social security be paid by Dai Bosatsu Zendo as requested, additional to his salary.”

“Investigate the possibility of paying social security for the monks in residence.”

(See entries of 01/07/89 - 04/28/02 - 03/23/03)




Letter from Junpo Denis Kelley to ZSS Sangha.

“..this year marks the twentieth anniversary of the founding of New York Zendo Shobo-ji.”

“we hope you will  join with us in expressing our gratitude to Eido Roshi (嶋野 栄道) and Aiho (愛法) for their patience and perseverance over the past two decades.” 

“Eido Roshi (嶋野 栄道) has recently expressed the need for a leave of absence for rest and revitalization so that he can continue his work in America with renewed vigor. 

“.. to give the Sangha a chance to struggle and grow independently, Eido Roshi (嶋野 栄道) has decided to take a one year sabbatical beginning in March of 1989. During this time he plans to teach Zen classics twice weekly at Shogen Junior College in Gifu” 

"Eido Roshi (嶋野 栄道) will return to New York in August of 1989, at which time he will conduct an additional 7 day sesshin at Dai Bosatsu Zendo.” 

 “Upon his return to America in March of 1990, Eido Roshi (嶋野 栄道) intends to devote most of his energy to Dai Bosatsu Zendo.”




Minutes of ZSS Board of Trustees Meeting.

“.. welcoming Clark Strand as an ex officio member of the board of trustees.” 

“Eido Roshi (嶋野 栄道) pointed out that he had not resigned as Abbot of the Zen Studies Society.” 

“A new two-year contract would be signed towards the end of February.  Jim Woolcott had also requested that he be given a certain amount annually to invest in a retirement plan, rather than Dai Bosatsu Zendo paying his social security.”

“Andy Afable said he thought the law required employers to pay social security. It was decided to ask Ellen Darby to investigate and to obtain information.”

“ Zen Studies Society Endowment Fund as at December 31, 1988. It showed a total income of $65,901.99, with disbursements for the same period totalling $54,212.31, and an opening balance for 1989 of $25,200.97. The Nomura portfolio value was reported as $420,039.80.”

“.. financial report for New York Zendo as of December 31, 1988, which showed a total income of $90,857.89, and disbursements of $80,909.48. Clark Strand pointed out that the building was not in good shape and specifically mentioned the boiler and garden zendo roof.”

 “.. financial report for Dai Bosatsu Zendo as of December 31, 1988. Total Income was $215,386.09 and total disbursements $232,329.36. The opening balance for 1989 was $5,408.77.”

“Eido Roshi (嶋野 栄道) said that DBZ had changed drastically and had reached a turning point. Even though there were many new programs and a new energy, the Rinzai spirit was still being maintained. He had no apprehensions about leaving DBZ for a year, especially as Andy Afable would be there during the fall kessei, His purpose of going to Japan was not only to have a sabbatical, but also deliberately to be away from the U.S. to give the American students a chance to be self-sufficient and to grow.”

(See entries of 09/13/88 - 04/28/02 - 03/23/03)




Minutes of ZSS Board of Trustees Meeting.

“Eido Roshi (嶋野 栄道) said he was pleased to find New York Zendo and Dai  Bosatsu Zendo in good shape.”

“.. extended a welcome to Eido Roshi (嶋野 栄道) and Yasuko Shimano and then greeted Denis Kelly as an ex officio member of the board.”

 “Clark Strand reported that there were about 150 members of whom about 85 paid dues regularly. Provisional student members were now involved in staff decisions. Contact was made with other Buddhist groups and the sangha was encouraged to participate in outside activities such as volunteer work with the homeless and training with GWHC to work with AIDS patients.”

“Dai Bosatsu Zendo. Denis Kelly said the financial situation was secure at last mainly because of income generated by Open Center activities.”

“He [Junpo (巡法) Denis Kelly] found most residents unhappy and felt that increased activity and more people would counter that. Bi-weekly discussion meetings were initiated and an attitude of generosity and compassion was being cultivated. The result was strong zazen practice.”

“New programs being developed included self-healing (meditation techniques, yoga, shiatsu) and stress management. The latter to be aimed at middle-level corporate executives. He suggested that the Open Center program eventually be removed from the monastery and intimated that a permanent Open Center be built within five years - a separate building, away from the monastery, with its own meditation hall - and generating income. During the ensuing discussion Mr. Kelly was asked to consider the probability of DBZ students being used as hotel staff to cater to visitors, and the possible deterioration of zazen practice when most people at DBZ were not Zen students.”

Eido Roshi (嶋野 栄道) related that monks in Japan worked so hard during the day that evening zazen was often optional.” 

“Upon his [Shimano’s 嶋野] return in 1990, responsibilities would be divided so that he would be in charge of the ‘traditional’ part (zazen practice and sesshin), and Mr. Kelly would operate the Open Space.”

“Andy Afable said he felt students were bothered by what they perceived as the erosion of Zen practice at DBZ.”

 “Wilkie Pretorius then read the statement of purpose from the original by-laws of the Zen Studies Society: ‘The purpose of the Zen Studies Society, Inc., is to undertake the study of Zen Buddhism in its religious, philosophic and psychological aspects, its influence on Oriental cultures, its relation to world religions and philosophies, and its relevance for the life of modern man.’ "




"First International Exchange With Shôgen[ji] Zen"


Tani Kogetsu Roshi and monks of Shogen-ji Monastery, Gifu, Japan
visit Dai Bosatsu Zendo.




Minutes of ZSS Board of Trustees Meeting.

“Zen Studies Society Endowment Fund No annual financial report was available due to the absence of the Treasurer.” 

“The financial report for New York Zendo as of December 31, 1989, showed a total income of $89,694.06 and disbursement of $99,372.98.  The year end balance was $15,459.26 and total assets were $46,559.26.”

 "major expenses and priority projects would involve plumbing, air conditioning and electricity. Group discussions led by a moderator replaced the traditional Friday evening lectures For this training period the staff had agreed to allow Tai Chi classes on Tuesday evenings.  Lastly, he wished to inform the Board that with Eido Roshi's (嶋野 栄道) approval, he had decided to leave New York Zendo as resident director towards the end of March and take up full-time employment.”

 “In the absence of Denis Kelly, Ellen Darby as Treasurer submitted an annual report showing total income of $252,468.10, with disbursements totalling $254,497.76. Year end balance was $3,399.16. Income from the Open Space last year amounted to $57,352.”

 “..the financial shortage at the end of the year was due mainly to the purchase of equipment, large number of staff receiving stipends and probably because it was decided to keep the monastery open during the winter months.  The Board expressed its concern over the decision-making process at Dai  Bosatsu Zendo. Because of the liability of the Board was decided to request Dai  Bosatsu Zendo: a) to draw up a strategic plan with financial projections, b) to review it regularly, and c) to ensure that decision-making include the staff. It was reiterated that it was the duty of both New York Zendo and Dai Bosatsu Zendo at all times to keep the Board informed of their activities.”

 “David Schneyer asked about the stipend that used to be paid to Rita Owen. It could not be determined from previous minutes why the decision had been taken to suspend it and he asked that the item be put on the agenda for the next board meeting.”

“the National Society of Fund Raising Executives had agreed to accept the Zen studies Society for a one-time free consultation on establishing a fund raising program. It was decided that Jean Bankier , Denis Kelly and Pretorius attend the consultation, with Karen Barnes and Bernard Spitz as alternates.”




Minutes of ZSS Board of Trustees Meeting.

“..words of welcome to Eido Roshi (嶋野 栄道) and Yasuko Shimano after their year-long absence.” 

“Eido Roshi (嶋野 栄道) announced that Clark Strand had resigned as resident monk of New York Zendo. There seemed to be a problem with students filling the post of resident director.” 

“Mrs. Shimano (嶋野 愛法) received lay-ordination 25 years ago and he expressed his wish to appoint her as Director of New York Zendo in order to have stability and continuation.” 

“Denis Kelly remarked that most other Zen groups had problems with students not wanting to leave, while here they do not seem to stay on. It seemed that something was wrong and that the reasons should be determined.” 

“He [Shimano 嶋野 ] had decided to appoint Denis Kelly as Vice Abbot, with the installation to take place on July 4th.” 

“Denis Kelly said he had plans to form a committee to take care of fund raising. He would present his plans to the board at the next meeting.” 

“David Schnyer suggested that the organizational structure of Dai Bosatsu Zendo be reviewed to provide more opportunity for students to live and practice there without removing them totally from society.”

“Denis Kelly suggested an outside consultant be brought in to do research and to suggest effective ways in which organizational changes be made.”




Letter from Bugyo David Schnyer to Hozo Wilkie Pretorius ZSS Board President.

Bugyo David Schnyer's Letter of resignation from ZSS.




Minutes of ZSS Board of Trustees Meeting.

“the annual report for the Zen Studies Society Endowment Fund. The net portfolio value of the investment at the end of the year was $4 12,103.95. There were Treasury Notes becoming available in August of 1991. Cash on hand at the end of the year was $34,527.07.”

“Dai  Bosatsu Zendo. Total income for -the year totalled $262,737.75, with disbursements at $264,527.54.”

“New York Zendo - An Operating Account for the use of the Director was established in October, and the main account renamed the Building Fund account.  Yasuko Shimano (嶋野) first presented a report for the Operating Account as of October lst, showing a balance of $1,268.43. For the period until September 30th, before the Treasury responsibilities were divided, Wilkie Pretorius reported a balance of $10,082.12.  At year-end the Building Fund had a balance of $20,962.87 with assets totalling $42,661.68.”

“Eido Roshi (嶋野 栄道) welcomed John Brady to the board meeting that he had already asked him to fill the vacancy. His appointment was unanimously approved. “

“It was decided to formalize the governing and administrative structure for each Zendo, to consist of a) Committees, 4) Staff, and c) Officers. For the sake of simplicity, the committees would be called New York Zendo Committee, and Dai Bosatsu Zendo Committee.  The committees would decide on financial matters and policy and would meet regularly. As abbot of the Zen Studies Society, Eido Roshi (嶋野 栄道) would serve on all committees.”

“The staff for each Zendo would execute administrative functions as decided by the respective Committees. The officers would fill positions dealing with temple and monastic activities.”

“Eido Roshi (嶋野 栄道), Jean Bankier, Bernard Spitz and Wilkie Pretorius are to review present by-laws and to suggest revisions at the next board meeting. The Board had been operating without legal counsel for some time, The Executive Committee met with Robert Greene prior to the Board meeting and it was recommended that he be retained as legal counsel for the Zen Studies Society. Wilkie Pretorius was instructed to obtain a contract from him.”

“.. a reservation was made at the Plaza Athenee for brunch, to be hosted by the ZSS Endowment Fund.”



19910114_Pertorius_Schnyer.pdf Letter from Hozo Wilkie Pretorius ZSS Board President, to Bugyo David Schnyer. Acknowledgement of receipt of resignation letter.




ZSS Board of Directors Meeting Agenda.

Reference to the Board of Trustees as "The Board of Directors."




Minutes of ZSS Board of Directors Meeting.

“James Wolcott: Wolcott had been fired because he lacked the maintenance skills needed by DBZ. Bruce Aldredge has been hired to fill the post.”

“The Open Space was very active, but there had been set-backs such as reduced participation by Ohashi and Ah, although an October booking was made for $l5,000. Other problems included the sewage system to be overhauled and no drinking water because of the drought.”

“Dai Bosatsu Zendo has instituted a lawsuit against the loggers who have cut down trees indiscriminately.” 

“It was decided that the word kessei would not be used as from 1992 but rather an appropriate English-language term to describe the annual retreat or training periods.”

“Yasuko Shimano (嶋野) reported on New York Zendo. The practice was strong and attendance steady. There were financial problems with fewer dues-paying members than the previous year, and with about 25 members three months behind with their dues.” 

“Eido Roshi (嶋野 栄道) presented his plans for the establishment of a Foundation separate from the Zen Studies Society. To be called The Dharma Foundation, its purpose could be educational, rather than religious to facilitate fund raising. Money raised could be used to fund programs at New York Zendo, Dai Bosatsu Zendo as well as other zendos.”

“The bylaws of the Zen Studies Society were being reviewed by a committee consisting of Eido Roshi (嶋野 栄道), Bernard Spitz, Jean Bankier and Willem Pretorius, working in conjunction with lawyer Robert Greene. A final draft would be presented at the annual meeting in 1992 for approval by the Board.”




Letter from Jikei Jean Bankier to Shingo John Brady.

Letter announcing the annual Board meeting to be held on March 1st.




Minutes of ZSS Board of Directors Meeting.

“A letter of resignation received from Andy Affable was read and his resignation accepted.” 

“Yasuko Shimano (嶋野) reported that everything was stable and practice was steady. The operating Account had income of $78,710.74 and disbursements of $76,485.66 (which included $4,000 in savings), bringing an opening balance of $6,225.08 for January 1, 1992. John Brady reported on the Building Fund which (with cash on hand from the previous year and transfer of a CD) had a balance of $34,692.05 as of December 31, 1991. Income from the Zen Arts Sale at year end was $47,434.58. Total income was $50,586.93; expenses were $58,556.56”

“Dai Bosatsu Zendo - Denis Kelly reported that income for the year was $245,960.32, with total expenses $239,445.95 -- a profit of $6,514.37. He reported on activities for 1992: Bruce Aldredge, as maintenance man would depart in March and Keith Scofield would return to fill the post.” 

“Sometime during the summer of 1992 the sewage system will have to be overhauled. Other projects involved the completion of O-An cottage.”

“Zen studies Society Endowment Fund - Yasuko Shimano reported that when the Treasury Bonds expired in August, she bought Australian Bonds. It was expected that income would be about $6,000 less annually. The Fund had an opening balance and income total of $132,149.74 for the year, and expenses of $90,584.65, resulting in a balance of $41,565.07 as an opening balance for January 1, 1992.”

“Wilkie Pretorius reported that Eido Roshi (嶋野 栄道) and he had met with a professional fund raising consultant. The annual fee to engage the John O’Donnell Company would be approximately $150,000. At this stage this was not feasible. In the meantime Robert Greene was to go ahead in filing the necessary paperwork to establish the Foundation.” 

“Eido Roshi (嶋野 栄道) reported that Susan Morningstar would move to Dai Bosatsu Zendo to continue her training as an ordained nun. For the time being there would be no regular residents at New York Zendo. The New York; Zendo Committee would reconsider the continuation of the annual Zen Arts Sale and its cost effectiveness.”




Yearly Calendar.

1992 "Year-In-Review" Calendar - DBZ activities.




DBZ Roster of Residents.

List of DBZ residents 1992.




A Letter from Kobutsu Malone to Eido Shimano Concerning Shimano's Theft of a Kan 環 (Ring) Intended as a Gift to Junpo Dennis Kelly.

“I am deeply troubled over our meeting this past weekend, specifically the interaction we had concerning the Dharma Ring I was preparing for my brother Junpo's Inka ceremony. I intended to ask you to do a calligraphy on the ring or tell me in confidence his Inka name so that I could record it on the ring as a gift for presentation to Junpo on his ceremony day. I was dumbfounded and quite speechless when you took the ring, stating that it was 'too good for Junpo'. Not wishing to create disharmony between us I let the matter go and continued on with our other business, the ring being just a wooden ring after all.”

“After further reflection, it is apparent that this matter cannot be ‘let go of’ so easily. It has become a Koan for me that gnaws at my guts.”

“The theft of a manifestation of Dharma by one who purports to have realized the quintessential selfless nature of existence presents quite a dilemma.”

“Aside from student/teacher relationship, or friend/friend relationship, rather, man to man.... Who is it that intervenes to steal the gift of one man intended for another man?  This is my Koan for you.”

“I love you enough to stand up to ‘call’ your shit as I trust you would do for me. Please keep the ring, bury it at Soen's grave, solve both our koans. It is just a wooden ring after all. Isn't it?”




ZSS Newsletter Summer 1992.

Junpo Denis Kelly Inka Pre-Announcement


“With the readiness of time, I shall now make a public announcement: on the last day of the Kongo-Shobo 10 day sesshin, October 11th, a Dharma Transmission Ceremony will take place at Dai Bosatsu Zendo and Junpo Denis Kelly will become my Dharma heir.  Needless to say, from a relative standpoint, nobody is perfect.  We are all working on it, we are all ‘Not Yet’.  But at the same time, some of us are ready to ‘teach’ and some of us are qualified to be so-called ‘teachers’.  Junpo has been my student for the past 13 years.  I know him very well. He is ready.”

“Some of you may ask, What does it mean to be a Rinzai Zen Dharma heir?  First, let me say that there is a big difference between the Rinzai Zen tradition and the Soto Zen tradition.  In Rinzai Zen, a Dharma heir is one who has gained genuine insight, who has completed the required koan studies, and who has certain knowledge of Buddhism, far more than average.  A person who knows generosity and compassion and has attained a degree of maturity as a human being.  And most importantly, enigmatically there is some element that cannot be expressed in language.  Some people call it Karma, but it defies specification; it cannot be named.”

“It is not me, but through me, that Dharma decides.  Somehow with the readiness of time, Junpo is to be my Dharma heir and is charged with the responsibility to carry this heavy Hakuin, Torei, Gempo, Soen lineage. I trust that it will flourish under his care.”




Minutes of ZSS Board of Directors Meeting.

 “Yasuko Shimano (嶋野) reported that dharma activity was stable, students were serious. Since Susan Morningstar’s departure, many regular members helped out regularly at the Zendo. At  the end of June, the Operation Fund had a balance of about $7,000. In reporting on the Building Fund, John Brady said total balance was $29,251.51.” 

“Denis Kelly provided financial information for the first six months: Income was $194,068.68 and expenses $154,396.16, bringing a profit of $39,672.52. However, unexpected major expenses during the next two months involved the sewer project (around $33,000) and the road project (about $28,000). The pending lawsuit seems to have been put on hold and might even have been withdrawn.” 

“0-An cottage was not quite completed, but Jim Haber offered to pay for the road and interior work.” 

“Wilkie Pretorius briefly summarized the proposed new bylaws. It was decided that every board member study the draft handed out at the meeting and submit suggestions and/or changes in writing, to be received NO later than Sevternber 5th.”

“In view of the board's present size of nine members, Eido Roshi (嶋野 栄道) asked those present to suggest people whom they thought could serve as board members.”

“Denis Kelly said his understanding of the role board members were expected to play, was primarily to be fund raisers and to be responsible for an organization’s financial well-being. He asked the board to keep that in mind when making their selections.”

“Wilkie Pretorius suggested that a Japanese businessman or any other outside (non-practicing) person with a specific expertise or knowledge, beneficial to the organization, be considered.” 

“During the ensuing discussion, Eido Roshi (嶋野 栄道) suggested that a term of board membership be included in the bylaws and a two-year term was selected.” 

“Yasuko Shimano (嶋野) reported that at a meeting earlier this year of the New York Zendo Committee, it was decided not to continue with the annual Zen Arts Sale. A general discussion on the viability of fund raising followed during which Denis Kelly suggested that a professional be hired to do fund raising. He also requested each board member to live up to what was expected of board members and to be responsible for an amount of $4,000 in annual income. The usual discussion on the fairness of fund raising by either New York Zendo or Dai  Bosatsu Zendo, followed. No decision was taken.”




ZSS Newsletter Autumn/Winter 1992.

Junpo Denis Kelly Inka Post-Announcement

The announcement of the completion of the Inka ceremony held for Junpo (巡法) Kando Denis Kelly at Dai Bosatsu Zendo on October 10, 1992.

“On October 10, 1992, the final day of Golden Wind Ten-Day Sesshin, Rev. Junpo (巡法) Kando Denis Kelly received Dharma Transmission from Eido Shimano Roshi (嶋野 栄道) in a public ceremony at Dai Bosatsu Zendo.  Junpo-Shi (巡法) is Roshi’s first Dharma heir.” 

“Over a hundred people attended this significant event which marks the first Rinzai Zen transmission of Eido Roshi’s (嶋野 栄道) lineage.”

(See entries of 00/00/03 and 09/00/03)




This memo to Junpo Denis Kelly is from a man, serving as a financial advisor to DBZ, who would soon discover he was the fiancé of a survivor.

The name and identifying information of a survivor has been redacted from this document.

"Financial matters to discuss with attorney."

“as of 10/31/92 we had $27,000 of income for logging done by independent contractor.  I believe this income is clearly 'unrelated' to our purpose set forth in our 501C-3 designation.  What are the consequences of not reporting this income?”

“.. need more info as to rules around stipends.  Do we need to issue 1099’s?  When does a stipend become wages? Are payments to Yoga instructor, Tenzo, Abbot and Vice Abbot really stipends or gratuities or should they be considered wages?”

“.. should the value of room and board be considered as income?”

 “do we have to carry work comp to cover people who are on work study or resident basis but not termed employees?  What is our liability if they are injured while chopping wood, plowing the road, cutting veggies, etc?”

 “can we pay stipends to any alien or only those with green cards?”

“In all of these areas, we need to know clearly the ramifications and consequences to DBZ, Zen Studies Society, Officers and Directors fo non-conformance or violation of any regulations.”




Dai Bosatsu Zendo Profit and Loss Report.

Year end profit and loss report for DBZ.




Letter from Xxxxx (Survivor's Fiance) to Shimano.

The name and identifying information of a survivor has been redacted from this document.

“I first want to express my continuing gratitude for all that you have given me. You have helped me to see more deeply into myself. I have learned and experienced much by working with you.”

 “I began to feel that she was having an affair with someone. Whenever I asked her about this, she led me to believe nothing of that nature was happening.”

“Such a thing was impossible based upon our agreements and mutually shared principles. Such a thing was impossible at DBZ where we were all, including you, chanting precepts  that included honesty and freedom from deception.”

 “Upon our return to Xxxxx, Xxxxxxx told me the truth about her relationship with you. My initial feeling upon hearing this was deep relief that I was not totally insane.”

 “The most; important piece in this for me is the deception.  I understand and have lived the beauty of secrets and secrecy. This situation did not have the purity of a secret for very long.  It  turned into outright deception, lying and manipulation. Deception and lying that caused pain, suffering and loss of trust. We are all trying to alleviate pain and suffering, not increase it.”

 “It is incomprehensible and irreconcilable to me how you can expect your students to adhere to Buddhist principles, precepts and vows that you secretly do not keep.”

 “.. to use the Dokusan Room and the Influence you had over Xxxxxxx that is inherent in the Master-Disciple relationship to fill your personal needs is, to me, a breach of that trust.”

“You risked much in return for eight or ten nights of female companionship with Xxxxxxx. First, you risked her well being. I am concerned for Xxxxxxx and her pain in all of this. She went to DBZ to be a Kessei student, not the Roshi's concubine.”

“In way she has perhaps been cheated of an opportunity to deepen her meditation. Perhaps not. My sense is that her Zazen and Dokusan were weakened by distraction, strain and influence of this situation.  Even though she has her responsibility and part in this, I feel and think that the Master is obligated to set sexual boundaries and not 'give way to lust'.”

“You risked discovery and the ensuing 'fallout' within the Sangha”

“I am unsure whether of not I will return to DBZ as resident. In angry and hurt moments, I have thought to use my extensive knowledge of your personal finances and those of Zen Studies Society as a weapon.”

 “You risked weakening of your life’s work.  What a callosal [sic] price to pay." 

“I am concerned for you and care about you deeply, Roshi (老師). My heart goes out to you. I am sad that you may not be getting your personal needs met. You, who gives so much, deserve to have all you need and want, BUT, without deception. If you cannot get what you need openly and honestly, please do not rely on deceit and lying anymore. Please find some other solution that is more open and will include those of us who love you so dearly.”



Japanese Translation



”初めに、貴方から頂いた全てのものに対して、私は感謝し続けるであろうと言う事を、ここで申し上げたいと思います。 貴方のお陰で、私は自分の心を更に深く見つめる事が出来るようになりました。 貴方のもとで修行して、私は多くを学び、体験いたしました。”

”私は彼女が誰かと恋愛関係にあるのではないかと感じ始めました。 この事を彼女に尋ねると、彼女はそのような事は無いと私に信じさせようとしました。”

”そのような事は、私達二人の間柄で、両者共通の契りとして、不可能な事でした。 大菩薩禅堂で、皆共に、貴方も含めて、誠実で嘘の無い精神を求めて経を読む我々には、あり得ない事でした。”

”私達は、Xxxxx へ戻り、Xxxxxxx は貴方との交情関係を自白しました。 これを聞いて、私の即座の感じは私が完全に気が狂っていたのではなかったと言う安堵でした。”

"この中で私にとって一番重要な部分は、欺きと言う事です。 私は秘する事、機密と言う事の絶妙さは理解し、体験しています。 しかしこの場合の秘する事には,秘事に純粋性が無く、続くものではありません。 これは単に、徹底した欺き、虚偽であり誤摩化しです。 苦痛と受難と、信頼の消滅の根源である欺きと虚偽でしかありません。 私達は皆この苦痛と受難から救われようと、又これを増加させないようにと試みているのです。”


”Xxxxxxx に対した時、独参室を利用し、貴方の地位を利用して、貴方の欲望を満たした事は、師弟間の本来の信頼を犯したものと私には思えます。”

”貴方は、八日から十日に渡り、女性同伴の夜を、Xxxxxxx と共に過ごし大いに危険を犯しました。 第一に、貴方は彼女の心の平安を危うくしました。 この事による彼女の苦痛を、私は思いやります。 彼女は、結制のためにDBZへ行ったのであって老師の妾になる為ではなかった筈です。"

"ある意味では、彼女は多分、座禅に集中出来ず、瞑想を深める事を誤摩化していたかもしれません。 そうでないかもしれません。 私の感じでは、彼女の座禅や独参は、心労と、これらの状況に影響された結果、弱いものであったと推察します。 彼女には彼女の責任があるとはいえ、この一部は、師の立場として欲望に負けず、ある程度、セックスの限界を心得る義務を負っているのではないかと思います。”


”私はこのまま貴方の弟子として継続して行けるかどうか、疑問です。 私は再び、DBZへ戻って修行出来るかどうか分かりません。 怒り、傷ついた今の段階で、私は貴方個人の、又は,禅スタデイ ソサイエテイの財政問題に些か通じており、これを武器として使用することも考慮の内にあります。”

”貴方は貴方が生涯かけた仕事を薄弱化する危険に晒しています。 なんと言う代償であろうか。”

”私は貴方の事が気になり、心配もしています、 老師、私の心は貴方の為に痛みます。 貴方の個人的欲望は結局の所、満たされはしなかったのではないかと言う思いに私の心は悲しくなります。 貴方は多くのものを人びとに与え、それに匹敵するだけの代償を要求しているのかもしれませんが、詐欺だけは止めたが良い。 貴方の必要なものがどうしても公然とは得られなくても、どうか詐欺と虚偽に頼る事だけは止めて欲しい。 どうか、他の解決法を、開放的で、貴方を敬慕する我々をも含めた解決法を見つけて欲しいと思います。”




Letter from Survivor Xxxxxxx to Junpo Denis Kelly.

The name and identifying information of a survivor has been redacted from this document.

"I [survivor] am still too embarrassed and fragile to talk to him [Shimano (嶋野)]. But [survivor's fiance] and he [Shimano (嶋野)] had some very heart felt talks. Roshi (老師) owned 100% responsibility, was concerned about my welfare, and was open to seeing his stuck place in this patriarchal system. He was very open with [survivor's fiance]. But his main fear was that his wife would find out!"




Letter from Survivor Xxxxxxx to Shimano.

The name and identifying information of a survivor has been redacted from this document.

"So, you can understand the intensity of my distress at having to keep our affair a secret from the people whom I love. When I told you my distress about our relationship and you told me to lie, I was devastated! I was caught in the position of either telling this secret and 'getting you into trouble,' or keeping it inside me and feeling very emotionally and physically ill."

"However, I am still upset about this whole matter of deceit. Because you have been in this same situation with other women in the past, the emergence of the truth here may have some far-reaching consequences. People will question your integrity, honesty and purpose. I do not intend to cause trouble for you. I care about you. But I am upset about the element of deceit you required me to maintain."



Japanese Translation

牲者  XXXXX  より島野への手紙



約1ヶ月前私は彼に打ち明けました。私はほっとしたものの、解決にはならず、私の心は虚偽に関する一切の問題で、未だ転倒状態です。なぜならば、貴方は過去において他の女性と同じような関係を持った事があり、この事実が発覚した事はさらに大きな問題を生む結果になりました。 人々は貴方の真実性、誠意、目的に疑問を抱いています。私は、貴方のトラブルの原因になるつもりはありません。貴方のことを心配しています。しかし、関係を持続させる為に、私に虚偽を強要した部分には困惑しています。




Minutes of ZSS Board of Directors Meeting.

The name and identifying information of a survivor has been redacted from this document.

“The revised bylaws of the Zen Studies Society were unanimously approved by the Directors in office for 1992: Eido Shimano, Roshi (嶋野 栄道), Jean Bankier, John Brady, Wilkie Pretorius, Richard Rudin, Yasuko Shimano and Bernard Spitz.”

“In the absence of Denis Kelly, Eido Roshi (嶋野 栄道) presented the financial report for Dai Bosatsu Zendo, showing total assets (including new fixed assets) of $69,059.51. Combined assets of checking account, merchant, savings and CD's amounted to $49,262.78.”

 “Robert Greene, as legal counsel, advised that in view of the fact that the Zen Studies Society was a non-profit organization, the word "profit" as in "Profit and Loss Statement", should not be used.”

 “Yasuko Shimano (嶋野) reported that New York Zendo's Operating Account showed a balance at year end of $18,819.41. John Brady added that the Building Fund showed a balance of $25,922.68.”

“Zen Studies Society Endowment Fund: Yasuko Shimano (嶋野) reported that the portfolio at Honiara Securities on December 31, 1992, totaled $415,953.74. Income for 1992 was $95,832.95 with an opening balance for the year of $41,565.07. Disbursements were $79,835.42, resulting in an opening balance for 1993 of $57,562.60.”

“An ad hoc committee was established to study the retirement of Eido Roshi (嶋野 栄道), Yasuko Shimano (嶋野), future Abbots of the Zen Studies Society, and ordained monks and nuns. Wilkie Pretorius was appointed chairman and was asked to select two committee members, one of whom to be a new board member.”





ZSS Board of Directors Proposed By-Laws Draft.

Thirteen pages of proposed by-laws.

“The Corporation (hereinafter sometimes referred to as the Society) shall have no members.”

“The purpose of the Zen Studies Society, Inc., is to undertake the study of Zen Buddhism in its religious, philosophic, psychological and educational aspects, its influence on Oriental cultures, its relation to world religions and philosophies, and its relevance for the life of modern man.” 

“Furthermore, its aim is to train ordained monks and nuns in the Rinzai Zen tradition, in order to establish roots of Rinzai Zen practice in the Western Hemisphere.” 

 “There shall be at least six (6) directors, each of whom shall be at least eighteen years of age. The number of directors may be increased (or once increased, it may be decreased) by an amendment to these Bylaws passed by an affirmative vote of a majority of the Board of Directors. 'Entire Board of Directors' shall mean the total number of directors entitled to vote as if there were no vacancies. The Board shall not have the power to reduce the Board of Directors to less than six (6) persons; nor shall it have the power to decrease the number of directors so as to shorten the term of an incumbent director.

At the time of the adoption of these revised bylaws there are nine members of the Board of Directors, and no resolution shall be required for the board to continue at nine members.”

 “The Abbot of the Society, and the Directors of New York Zendo and Dai Bosatsu Zendo shall serve as ex officio members of the Board, as long as they hold those offices. Ex Officio members have all rights of board members and may also serve as Officers of the Society.”

 “The Board in its discretion, may also establish a position of Honorary Chairman of the Board, which position may only be filled by the immediate past Abbot/Chairman. Such person shall not have a vote as a member of the Board.”

 “Other than the Abbot of the Society, and the Directors of New York Zendo and Dai Bosatsu Zendo, Directors shall serve for three year terms. There shall be no limitation upon the number of consecutive terms that a Director may serve.”

 “Upon being elected and upon each reelection of a Director, the Secretary shall issue each Director a complete copy of these bylaws and any amendments which have been adopted. Each Director shall sign a statement saying that he or she has read the Bylaws of the Society.”

  “New board members will be nominated by current board members and elected by a majority vote of the board. In unusual circumstances the Abbot may appoint a new board member without approval of the board in any given year. However such appointment must be approved by the Board of Directors at the subsequent annual meeting.”

“Absence from three consecutive board meetings without prior notice shall constitute reason for forfeiture of Board membership at the discretion of the Board. Any or all of the directors, with the exception of the Abbot/Chairperson may be removed, with or without cause, by an affirmative vote of the Majority of the Board of Directors then in office.”

“Any director of the Society may resign at any time by giving written notice to both the President and to the Secretary of the Society, or if they are unavailable, to two (2) directors. Such resignation shall take effect in no less than sixty (60) days from the date upon which it is given.”

“The Board of Directors shall have the general power to manage and control the affairs and property of the Society, and shall have the full power by majority vote, to adopt rules and regulations governing the action of the Board of Directors and shall have full authority with respect to the distribution and payment of monies received and owed by the Corporation from time to time. The Board of Directors shall ensure that the Society adheres to the fundamental and basic purposes of the Corporation, as expressed in the Certificate of Incorporation (unless amended). The Board of Directors shall not permit any part of the net earnings of the Corporation to inure to the benefit of any director, officer or other private person.”

“The Abbot shall serve as Chairperson of the Board and shall preside at all Board meetings. At the time of the adoption of these bylaws the Abbot is the Honorable Eido T. Shimano.”

“The Abbot and Chairperson of the Board is not to be subject to the same provisions for election, term limitations, resignation or dismissal as other officers, but rather to the provisions of this section and Article V.”

 “The Abbot is Chairperson of the Board, and Chief Executive of the Society. The Chairperson shall have general and active management of the business of the Society and shall see that all orders and resolutions of the Board of Directors are carried into effect.”

“The Chairperson shall execute contracts requiring a seal, under the seal of the Society, except where required or permitted by law to be otherwise signed and executed and except where the signing and execution thereof shall be expressly delegated by the Board of Directors to some other officer or agent of the Corporation.”

 “Any officer of the Society may be removed, with or without cause, by a vote of a majority of the directors then in office.”

“Any officer may resign at any time by given written notice to the President and Secretary or, if they are unavailable, to at least two (2) directors. Each resignation shall become effective no less than sixty (60) days from the date upon which such notice is given. However, the Board of Directors, in its discretion, may accept the resignation as effective upon an earlier date stated in such notice.” 

“The President, during the absence, disability, or refusal to act of the Chairperson, shall act as head of the Society and perform the duties and exercise the powers of the Chairperson and shall perform such other duties as the Board of Directors shall prescribe.” 


The Abbot of the Society shall serve as spiritual leader and Chairperson of the Board until he or she dies, resigns, is unfit to carry out his/her functions, or becomes incapacitated. In order for the Abbot of the Society to be involuntarily declared unfit to carry out his or her functions, or incapacitated, there must be a unanimous vote of all members of the Board of Directors currently in office, with the exception of the Abbot. For such a vote no proxies or telephone voting shall be counted. The Abbot shall be succeeded by a dharma heir selected and designated by the said Abbot to continue in his or her place. The selection of each Abbot's successor will  be formalized by a written document, to be dated and signed by the Abbot of the Society and be kept in a safe deposit box rented by the Society from Citibank at Third Avenue and 72nd Street, the keys to which shall be kept with the seal of the corporation. The Abbot, Treasurer and Secretary will each have authority to open the safety deposit box. If for any reason the safety box is moved to another address or bank, the full board shall be notified of the new locale.”

“In case the Abbot has more than one dharma heir, the Abbot should clearly indicate the order and status of each in the line of succession to the abbotcy [sic] of the Zen Studies Society.

 In the event that a dharma heir has not been selected, or if the selected dharma heir, and/or any other dharma heirs are unable to succeed as Abbot, the Board will have the responsibility to find a spiritual leader qualified to become the Abbot, and to so invite him or her. This person (or persons) may come from the Zen Studies Society's own ranks, or be recruited from elsewhere within the U.S. or abroad, but must have received transmission from a Rinzai lineage. In the event transmission has not been received, the Board may undertake to have such a designated individual (or individuals) trained at a Rinzai Zen monastery in order to receive transmission and to return as Abbot of the Zen Studies Society.”

“Certification of the Amended Bylaws of The Zen Studies Society

I, Willem Jacobus Pretorius, Secretary of The Zen Studies Society, Inc., hereby certify that the Amended Bylaws of The Zen Studies Society were adapted by unanimous vote of the Board of Directors on January 30, 1993.  Present were: Jean Bankier, John Brady, Willern Pretorius, Richard Rudin, Eido T. Shimano (嶋野 栄道), Yasuko Shimano and Bernard Spitz.”




Letter from Three DBZ Executive Committee Members to the ZSS Board of Directors.

"The Executive Committee of Dai Bosatsu Zendo has received Junpo-Shi (巡法) Denis Kelly's resignation. His contributions, although at times controversial, helped the monastery grow."

"We were disturbed and saddened to hear about Roshi's (嶋野 栄道) affair with a Kessei student and are worried about the repercussions of this matter. We hope that together we can encourage Roshi (嶋野 栄道) to resolve this situation honestly. We feelit in the best interest of Zen Studies Society, Shobji and Dai Bosatsu Zendo, to encourage the Board to ask Roshi (嶋野 栄道) to return from Japan as soon as possible."




Letter of Resignation from Dharma Heir, Junpo Denis Kelly to ZSS Board of Directors.

"Today, with deep regret, profound sadness and genuine concern, I resign as Vice Abbot and Head Monk at Dai Bosatsu Zendo."

"After two weeks of deep and anguished soul searching I find that Eido Roshi (嶋野 栄道) and I are diametrically opposed on two critical, irreconcilable issues: the first being Buddhist ethics or precepts, and the second being the philosophy of teaching"



Japanese Translation

嗣法の、巡法 デニス ケリーよりZSS理事への辞職状。


”二週間の深い苦悶と真理探究の後、私は栄道老師とは二つの絶対に両立しない、完全に正反対の論点が分かりました: その一つは、仏教徒としての倫理、或は戒律、もう一つは、教えると言う事の哲理です。”




Minutes of ZSS Special Board of Directors Meeting.

The name of a survivor has been redacted from this document.

“The purpose of this Special Meeting was to accept the formal resignation of Junpo (巡法) Denis Kelly as Vice Abbot and Head Monk at Dai Bosatsu Zendo.”

 “Kelly read his letter of resignation (copy attached), and added that he and Eido Roshi (嶋野 栄道) was [sic] of similar character, lacking ethical and moral standards. However, in October 1992, upon receiving transmission, he had to face what it meant to defend the dharma and he wanted to change. Eido Roshi was not willing to do the same, and Kelly "therefore requested the board to consider not allowing him to teach.

 “Wilkie Pretorius asked whether he would use this situation to spread ill-will towards "the organization and Kelly reassured the board that he had no desire to harm the Zen Studies Society, or Eido Roshi (嶋野 栄道), in any way.”

 “It was decided to appoint Glassing as Head Monk and Shikaryo at Dai Bosatsu Zendo until such time as Eido Roshi (嶋野 栄道) returned from Japan and he and the board together could make a permanent appointment.”

“He also informed the board that the DBZ Executive Committee had written a letter to Eido Roshi (嶋野 栄道) about a week prior to his departure for Japan, expressing their hope that he would deal in an honest way with the situation involving his alleged physical relationship with a female student. This meant for Eido Roshi (嶋野 栄道) to acknowledge the problem. He said that they would support him.”

“Glassing described the events at Dai Bosatsu Zendo leading to Kelly's learning of the alleged affair in January and his subsequent decision to resign and improve his own life. The boyfriend of the woman in question apparently had an intimate meeting of minds with Eido Roshi (嶋野 栄道), but requested that, for the benefit of the sangha and of the organization, the relationship be dealt with openly and honestly.”

 “It was decided that the board would meet with Eido Roshi (嶋野 栄道) upon his return from Japan concerning the issues raised at this meeting and that feelings of support and caring be expressed without judgment.”

 “A consensus was reached that Eido Roshi (嶋野 栄道) should continue his work with the Zen Studies Society and that the board would welcome his return as Abbot. It was recognized that he might need some time to rest before resuming his normal activities.”

 “It was also decided to issue an immediate statement to the New York sangha and sesshin participants at DBZ, informing them of Kelly's resignation, of Ed Glassing being appointed temporary Head Monk, and reassuring the sangha that dharma activities would proceed as scheduled at both Zendos (copy attached).”



Japanese Translation

ZSS 委員会議事録


ケリーは辞職状を読み上げ (コピー参照)さらに付け加えて、自分と老師とは似通った性格で、倫理、道徳の基準に欠けています。 しかし、1992年10月、仏教伝法を授けられ仏法を守るという事がどのような事であるかに直面し、自らを正したいと思い至りました。 しかし、栄道老師は同じ考えではなく、私は委員会に栄道老師を弟子を教育する仕事にはつかせないよう考慮して欲しいと要求しました。

ウイルキプレトリウスは彼にこの組織に対する悪感情を公表するか、と質問しましたが、ケリーは再度念を押し、禅スタデイソサイエテイや島野栄道を傷つける意思はないと断言、皆に挨拶をして去りました。 栄道老師が日本へ出発する一週間前に、大菩薩禅堂の執行委員会は彼に手紙を送り、女弟子と肉体関係を持った結果の告訴事件を誠実な態度で対処してほしい旨伝えました。 これは老師が此の問題について了解しているものと解釈してよいと思います。彼らは老師を支持するといいました。 非公式の会話で、グラッシングは1月に大菩薩禅堂でおこった事件と被害者の申し立てが、ケリーの知る所となり、此の結果彼は彼自身の人生の向上のために大菩薩禅堂を去ることになったいきさつを説明しました。 問題の女性のボーイフレンドはかって栄道老師と親密な間柄にあった人ですが僧伽、組織の利益のため、今後は彼とは公然の関係を保つよう要求しました。

多数決で結論に達したことは、栄道老師は禅スタデイソサイエテイで従来の業務を続けるべきで、委員会は彼を住持として歓迎して迎えたいと決定しました。 しかし、彼が業務に戻るためには、しばらくの時間と休暇が必要である事は明白です。




Letter from Muin Bernard Spitz to ZSS Sangha.

“It is with deep regret that The Zen Studies Society Board of Directors announces the resignation of Junpo-Shi (巡法) Denis Kelly, Vice Abbot and Head Monk of Dai Bosatsu Zendo Kongo-ji, on February 6,1993.”

“In the absence of Eido Roshi (嶋野 栄道), who is presently in Japan on a teaching assignment, the Board appointed Reverend Seigan Fudo Ed Glassing as Head Monk and Shikaryo at Dai Bosatsu Zendo.”

“Programs at both Dai Bosatsu Zendo Kongo-ji and New York Zendo Shobo-ji will continue as scheduled.”




Letter from Tashi Linda Baylor to ZSS Board of Directors.

The name of a survivor has been redacted from this document.

"In response to the attached memo, Junpo-Shi (巡法) met Xxxxx in Xxxxxxx during a retreat with the Xxxxx Sangha last October. When he learned that Xxxxx had financial skills and was looking for a home to further develop his spiritual awareness, he asked Xxxxx to join us at DBZ. An agreement was made that Xxxxx would take over DBZ financial responsibility in order to help me.  Xxxxx agreed and joined us in November. It is my understanding that Roshi approved this agreement.”

 "Xxxxx was asked to update our current bookkeeping system and to analyze our financial structure. In response, he presented the attached memo to me, Roshi and Junpo-Shi (巡法) in a meeting on December 9. We were all grateful for his help and Roshi asked Junpo-Shi (巡法) to contact Taizo Robert Green to get his advise regarding Xxxxx’s memo. He also asked Junpo-Shi (巡法) to bring this memo with Taizo's responses to the Board meeting January 30 for the Board to discuss. Junpo-Shi (巡法) met with Taizo the following weekend.”

 “One item not discussed in our December 9 meeting but brought to our attention by Xxxxx earlier in December was the fact that we were not charging our customers sales tax when they purchased items from the store. There was some confusion on Roshi’s part regarding our tax exemption and the understanding that we were exempt if we sold religious items to our guests and guest students. Both New York Zendo and Dai Bosatsu Zendo do not charge sales tax.”

 “In lieu [sic] of Junpo-Shi's (巡法) resignation and Roshi's absence, I felt it best to wait for Roshi to further discuss this memo. In the mean time, I have requested the necessary tax forms from the IRS and the State regarding unrelated income. I have also requested an application from the State for retail store sales tax collection. 1099 Forms are also on their way to us. There are complications regarding 1099's because Xxx, and Xxxxx are illegal aliens. I don't know how you want to address this matter.” 

“I will verify workers' compensation obligation, if any, for Dai Bosatsu student body. I know that contractor's working on our property must provide their own workers’ compensation for their employees as well as general liability insurance. I will also find out how the state and federal government designate differences between stipend, gratuity, wage, independent contractor fees, etc.”




The Dharamsala Western Teachers Conference

Zen Bow:  A Publication of the Rochester Zen Center

Volume XV Nos. 2 & 3, Spring/Summer 1993

Special Supplement: The Dharamsala Conference

By Bodhin Kjolhede, Director, Rochester Zen Center

"Sensei Bodhin recently attended a conference of twenty-two Western Buddhist meditation teachers in Dharamsala India, that included four days of meetings with the Dalai Lama.  The participants were all raised to North America and Europe, but many have spent large portions of their adult lives practicing Buddhism in Asia.  Almost three quarters of the teachers were of the Vajrayana (Tibetan Buddhist) tradition. There were only a half-dozen monks and nuns and only five women, though five others had been invited. Most of the teachers had about twenty years of practice behind them, some in more than one of the Buddhist traditions.

In addition to the teacher-participants, there were some Western observers, including Sank Poromaa, leader of our Stockholm Zen Center.  Two generous Sangha patrons, concerned with the toll that two months of sesshin and heavy travel might have on Sensei, sought out someone who could accompany and assist him. The day before his departure, they found Sank available and eager to go.

What follow are some of Sensei's most memorable impressions and reflections on the conference, focusing on the four days with the Dalai Lama.

Following Sensei's article, we are publishing an open letter which arrived recently from The Network For Western Buddhist Teachers, formed by the participants at the conference. It summarizes the major points of agreement on matters covered in the conference."




A Report by Daichi Vasken Kalayjian.

The name of a survivor has been redacted from this document.


"Many have called this sexual misconduct, and legal opinions view this as sexual harassment. I view it as a mistake that we all should find in our hearts to forgive."

"I tend to agree that in order to change what appears to be behavioral patterns, one needs professional assistance."






Fax from Douglas L. Leight, Ltd. to Daichi Vasken Kalayjian.

"We are an actuarial and benefits consulting firm specializing in the design installation and administration of qualified Employee Retirement plans, and non-qualified Executive Compensation plans."

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