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Japanese Translation

露光 シェリー シャイアトより禅スタデイ ソサイエテイ理事会員への手紙。






The Mu News

Eido Shimano’s Sex Scandal, Part (n+1)

By Jushin

“Shimano announced his retirement awhile back, during the opening tumult of the scandal.  As with anything Shimano does, the move was a calculated deception — little more than a delaying tactic.  A couple of months later, he effectively took it back.  What he did with the time he bought was this:  He and his cronies forced out anyone who held any complaints against him, and promoted those who continued to support him.  Finally, he appointed ex-lover and dharma heir Sherry Chayat abbot of his monastery, and, in return had her name himself ‘Honorary Founding Abbot’.”

“Shimano et al also spent time publicly attacking those who spoke against him.  This is his standard practice.   He sent a letter to selected supporters, suggesting that Mark Oppenheimer, the NY Times writer, made no attempt to contact him, or anyone else at ZSS, for the unflattering editorial Mr. Oppenheimer had written for the NY Times.  On another popular blog, an ex-caretaker was dismissed as an angry, bitter, alcoholic.”

“Mr. Shimano does this to plant doubt in the minds of ardent supporters who might be inclined to withdraw their support.  He and his immediate followers have done this regularly in the past — with Shimano himself even going so far as to denounce his women victims as 'mentally ill' when they had come forward in the past.”




Letter from Robin Westen to Robert Aitken Accompanying a Copy of Her Unpublished Article.

The author's contact information has been redacted from this document as a courtesy.

"Decades ago I interviewed you [Robert Aitken] for an investigative expose of Eido Shimano (嶋野 栄道). It was scheduled to appear as a cover story in the Village Voice, was set in galleys – and then, at the last minute, the VV lawyers (scared off by Zen Study Society threats) instituted the condition that they publish the piece without identifying Eido (栄道) by name. I refused. Thus, the piece languished in my files, unpublished."




(searchable text version)

Unpublished Article - "The Zen of Seduction" by Robin Westen, Dated August 1982. This is the Article Referred to by Robert Aitken in his Undated Piece "The Shimano Story."

The name and identifying information of a number of survivors have been redacted from this document.

The text of the exposé on Shimano (嶋野 栄道) by Robin Westen. The exposé was never published in 1982, due to fears of a lawsuit by Shimano (嶋野 栄道) and/or The Zen Studies Society against the publisher.

"I took it awkwardly, but before I could get the feeling back in my legs, he ripped me off the floor and pulled my body against his, then grabbed my breast, prodded my mouth with his tongue, and started to pull up my skirt and reach between my legs."

"I was to learn that Eido (栄道) had been involved in sex scandals for over 15 years, but each time they were brought to light in the Zen community they were silenced."

"Now I was having tea with Eido Roshi (嶋野 栄道). I was prepared to talk about my spiritual development, but surprisingly all he said was, 'The best time to make love to a woman is right after sesshin, when she looks her sexiest. If I had my way, if people understood the essence of detachment, everyone would sleep with each other the night sesshin ends.' ”

"As their internal inquiries mounted, another half a dozen women admitted that Eido (栄道) had made advances to them while they were attending sesshins, and that he had used the dokusan room as his station for seduction."

“ 'And almost before I knew it, he had pulled off his robe and was laying down on the bed stark naked. Well, I was in such a state then, I thought this must be some sort of test of detachment. It sounds ridiculous now, but when you’re serious about your Zen practice, and when you have a lot of respect for someone, you think the best, no matter what. And I thought the best when he ordered me to go down on him and perform fellatio. He told me it would be a spiritual experience for me... it wasn’t. To tell the truth it wasn’t much of a sexual experience.' "



Japanese Translation



New Translation
(date of translation completion)

未公開の記事ー”誘惑の禅”ロビン ウェステン記者、1982年。 この記事はロバート エイトケンの期日不明の“嶋野物語”を承けて書かれた。 

Unpublished Article - "The Zen of Seduction" by Robin Westen, Dated August 1982. This is the Article Referred to by Robert Aitken in his Undated Piece "The Shimano Story."



ロビン ウェステンによる嶋野栄道エキスポゼイの全文。 エキスポゼイは嶋野栄道/禅スタデイ ソサイエテイの出版社に対する訴訟を恐れて1982年には出版されなかった。

”私は遠慮がちに、その手にすがりましたが、足の感覚が戻る前に彼はいきなり私を床から引き上げ、抱き竦めて、私の乳房を掴み、舌を私の口内に挿入して来ました。 更に私のスカートを捲り上げ、股間に手を差し伸べて来ました。”

”今私は栄道老師と茶を飲む機会を得た。 私は私の精神的進展について語る為に準備してその場に臨みましたが驚いたことに彼は、'女性は接心直後が一番魅力的で、セックスに相応しい時期だ。 もし私の自由になり、皆も解脱の真髄を理解するならば、接心最後の夜皆でセックスをし合うのだが。' と言いました。”

”内部調査で更に6人の女弟子が接心の期間中に彼に言い寄られた事を認めました。 栄道は独参室を誘惑のための本部として利用していた事が明らかになりました。”

” ’気がつくと彼は、僧衣を脱いで、素っ裸でベッドに横たわっていました。 ああ、当時の私はこれを見て、多分解脱に関する試験に違いない、と思ったのです。 今思えば馬鹿げた話ですが、禅の修行に夢中で、その人物を心底敬っていると、いかなる事態が生じても最善を尽くしたくなるものです。 そして彼が私にフェラチオを命じた時も、私はこれを演ずる事が最善なのだと信じたのです。 彼はこれが私に取っての霊性経験であると言いましたが... どうしてもそうは思えなかった。 実を言えば、良いセックスでさえもなかった。’ ”

[ See entry of: 07/26/10 ] 




Letter from Jiro Andy Afable, Shimano's Second Dharma Heir, to the ZSS Board of Directors.

"As we all witness the imploding of the institutional structure which vested inordinate power on an Abbot (嶋野 栄道), and you are now swamped with suggestions on how to go forward, I hope you have the time to read what a Dharma heir and former vice-abbot has to say."

"All the past directors I have talked to have misgivings about their tenure in the ZSS as directors. Most have profound regrets for letting things go by they could have objected to. Please do not suffer the same fate."

"Please, though you were handpicked by the Roshi (嶋野 栄道) to serve at his pleasure, do not now be panderers telling him what he wants to hear." 

"Roshi (嶋野 栄道) and Aiho-San (愛法) are to be applauded for stepping down from the board. It was what was best for all concerned. Now that you are freed from their inhibiting presence, you too can do the best for all concerned."

"I understand what it means to be loyal to a teacher, as much as any of you. I know for sure that the teaching legacy of the Roshi (嶋野 栄道) can be salvaged only if the board proceeds honestly and transparently."

"Any reassessment of the Roshi (嶋野 栄道) in the years to come will depend on how unflinching and honest the board is today. A response from the board that tries to obfuscate some things that are simple will be imputed to Roshi's (嶋野 栄道) influence and will further damage his legacy. I suspect that the internet will encourage more people to come out with their grievances. There will be more revelations to cope with." 

"Please, always be aware of your fiduciary responsibilities, and if you only have a vague awareness of what they are, perhaps this is a good time to consider whether you should continue being on the board."




August 2, 2010
10:34 to 10:46 AM HST

Robert Baker Aitken, Rodaishi Final Interview - Excerpt of Comments on Eido Shimano, Admiration and Encouragement for Survivors.

Aitken, Rodaishi Passed Away Three Days Later on
August 5, 2010.

An excerpt from the final interview given by Aitken, Rodaishi to Joel Whitney, a freelance reporter for Tricycle Magazine.

Present, by invitation, were Lynn Davis and Kobutsu Malone.

Recorded with permission of Aitken, Rodaishi by Kobutsu Malone and Lynn Davis.

[For the complete Aitken interview online see: Here.]




(searchable text version)

Transcript of the Robert Baker Aitken, Rodaishi Final Interview - Excerpt of Comments on Eido Shimano, Admiration and Encouragement for Survivors.

Transcription by an Anonymous Volunteer Survivor.

"JW - So that disturbs you, the state of the world disturbs you more than your ah..

AR -  I’m just sorry that’s all.. uh, I don’t know if it disturbs me I just regret it.

JW – Are there other things related to your teaching, related to Zen coming to the West that you feel regrets about?

RA – There are so many things that are marvelous about it coming to the West that I can overlook the disadvantages.

JW – And yet from what I understand you’ve been working on ...erm trying to right the wrongs of one of your …ah .. you’ve written some stuff on your blog recently about Shimano, Eido (嶋野 栄道).

RA – Oh, that’s it.. That’s like asking a question about a hippopotamus when we’re really discussing a leaf frog.

JW – I’m just wondering if there’s a regret in the fact that this has been going on, and if you’ve been….

RA – You’re damn right it is.

JW – …to clear something up.

RA – Your’e damn right it is.

JW – Is there anything you would like to say about that?

RA – (forcefully) HE’S A CROOK.

JW – He’s a crook.

RA – (pause) We’ve got to find a way that he can say, "I’m a crook."

JW – Is there anything you would like to say to the people for instance in his circle, in his orbit who have maybe helped foster his behavior or enabled it?

RA – They are a part of the problem.

RA – How'm I doing Kobutsu?

KM – Good, Roshi

JW – I understand you guys have been working together. If I may bring in Kobutsu into the conversation for a moment…

RA – Sure.

JW – It must be very frustrating. This is more of a general question to get your reaction. It must be very frustrating to be aware of this for so long to be so interpersonally touched by it, and to be aware that it is one of the unfortunate by-products perhaps of Zen in the West, or this one instance of Zen in the West...

RA – (forcefully) It’s NOT a byproduct of Zen in the West, it’s a byproduct of a criminal mind."



Japanese Translation

ロバート ベイカー エイトケン老大師最終対談の録音ー嶋野栄道に対する評言、犠牲者の対する賞賛と激励。


RA = ロバート ベイカー エイトケン老大師

JW = ジョエル ウィトニー(会見記者、トライシクル雑誌社)

KM = 古佛 マローン(招待により列席

JW - それが貴方を煩わす、世の中の状態が貴方に苦悩をもたらす、何よりも ...

RA - 私は只残念なだけだ .. ああ、 苦悩と言えるかなあ、私は只後悔しているだけなのだが。

JW - 貴方が教えてこられた事以外、禅が西洋に渡って来た事に関して後悔されているのですか?

RA - 非常に多くの素晴らしいものが西洋にやって来たが、私はこの中に不利益な部分がある事を見過ごしているかもしれない。

JW - しかもなお、私の理解している範囲では、不正を正そうと試みて、ああ ... 努力して来られた, 貴方は嶋野..栄道の事をブログに書いておられましたね。

RA - おお、そうであった .. 河馬のことを尋ねているようだったが、実は、我々は葉の上のカエルの事を話していたのであったわ。

JW - 私の想像では、この事を後悔しておられるのではないかと 、 もしや貴方は ...

RA - その通りだ。

JW - ... 明らかにしておきたい。

RA - 全くその通りだ。

JW - この事に関して、おっしゃりたい事がありますか?

RA - (激しく)奴は詐欺師だ。

JW - 彼は詐欺師ですか。

RA - (間を置いて)我々は彼に “自分は詐欺師だ” と言わせる方法を見つけなければならない。

JW - 例えば、彼を取り巻く人びと、彼の活動圏の内部に彼の行為を助長させ、事を成さしめているということについて貴方のご意見はありますか?

RA - 彼らも問題の一部なのだ。

RA - 古佛、私はどんな具合かね?

KM - 上々です、老師。

JW - 貴方がたはともに仕事をしてこられたように聞いておりますが。  この辺で古佛にも対談に参加してもらってはいかがでしょうか?

RA - いいとも。

JW - ご不満だったと思います。 これは、あなたの反応を得る為の一般的な質問になるのですがすが。 これ程の長い間、この件と対決して来られて、個人的にも大きな影響を受けて来られた事を思うと憤懣やるかたない思いであられたに違いない、又、これは西洋の禅の不幸な副産物か、それとも恐らくは、西洋禅の一現象である事を思うと全くやりきれない思いであられた事と思います。 

RA — (激しく)これは西洋禅の副産物ではない。 これは犯罪者の心の産物だ。




Letter from Kobutsu Malone to Sogen Yamakawa Roshi.

"I would caution you in sending any monks at this time to Eido Shimano's (嶋野 栄道) Dai Bosatsu Zendo in New York, USA.

He is involved in a huge sex scandal that will reflect very badly on Shogen-Ji."





New York Times Article, National Section - Beliefs

"Sex Scandal Has American Buddhists Looking Within"

"In interviews over the past two weeks, four board members, including Mr. Marinello, said that on June 21 a woman – whose name he would not reveal – stood up during dinner at the Catskill monastery and announced that for the past two years she had had a consensual affair with Mr. Shimano (嶋野氏), who was at the dinner. Several board members have said that Mr. Shimano (嶋野氏) later admitted the affair in conversations with them."



Japanese Translation
ニューヨークタイムス全国版 - 信仰
” セックススキャンダルに、内省するアメリカ仏教徒たち”

過去2週間に及ぶ取材の中で、マリネロ氏を含む4人のボードメンバーは、6月21日、一人の女性(名前を明かされていない)が、キャッツキルの禅堂での夕食中、嶋野氏も臨席の中、立ち上がり、過去2年間、嶋野氏と、合意の上での性交渉を持っていたことを公表した、と言った。数人(several: 7,8人)のボードメンバーは、その後、嶋野氏と会話し、氏がその関係を認めたと語った。水曜日には、ゼン・スタディー・ソサエティーは、声明を発表し、「今年7月に、ある女性が榮道老師と不適切な関係にあった」事を認めた。



German Translation

Sex-Skandal lasst amerikanische Buddhisten nach innen schauen

Vier Vorstandsmitglieder, darunter Marinello, berichteten in Interviews in den letzten zwei Wochen, dass am vergangenen 21. Juni eine Frau - deren Name er nicht veröffentlichen wollte - während des Abendessens im Kloster in den Catskills aufgestanden sei und verkündet habe, dass sie seit zwei Jahren ein Liebesverhältnis mit dem ebenfalls am Essen anwesenden Shimano gehabt habe. Einige Vorstandsmitglieder äußerten, dass Shimano ihnen gegenüber die Affäre später in Gesprächen zugegeben habe. Am Mittwoch bestätigte die Society in einer Erklärung, dass „eine Frau im Juni diesen Jahres offenbart habe, dass ein unangemessenes Verhältnis zwischen ihr und Eido Roshi stattgefunden habe.“




Email from Lynn Davis, University of Hawaii Archivist to Kobutsu Malone.

“Any clues on who this person is?” 

“In the meantime let's name your archive and get the certificate of gift in place. We can date it to when you were in Hawaii. Roshi's archive is simply called the Robert Baker Aitken Papers.” 

“I would like to suggest your archives is also named Kobutsu Malone Papers. Let me know what you think.”




Email from Carolyn Stevens to Lynn Davis, University of Hawaii Archivist.

"I am a Zen student and have been reading the on-line material at I am also a lover and user of libraries, and have some familiarity with how they work from past employment as a library clerk and graduate student in history. My curiosity has been picqued about how materials have gotten from the University of Hawaii archives to the internet in seeming lighting speed."

"Finally, I am wondering if your library makes available information about who has donated particular items to your archives. Again, using Jiro Andy Afable's recent letter as an example, I'm wondering if he donated the letter to the library himself given the short time frame and the letter's limited circulation. Is that something you can confirm, and can I learn who donated other items in the Aitken Shimano file?"

“The truthfulness of the materials published at the website matters to many American students of Zen, and the University of Hawaii archives plays an important role in establishing that veracity.”




Email from Kobutsu Malone to Lynn Davis, University of Hawaii Archivist.

"The email address is an address associated with the Dai Bai Zan Cho Bo Zen Ji Zen temple in Seattle It is Genjo Marinello's place in Seattle, Genjo is Shimano's fifth Dharma heir and sits on the Zen Studies Society Board of Directors."

"In her email to you her address in her email to you Carolyn Stevens uses this address: <Carolyn@> which is associated with That is the web site for Jacobson Jarvis Certified Public Accountants located in ... (you guessed it) Seattle!"




Email from Kobutsu Malone to Lynn Davis, University of Hawaii Archivist.

"So she is on the Board of Directors as the treasurer and is the Chair of the Temple Finance Committee - fitting jobs for a CPA no?"

"Second: Carolyn Stevens is Genjo Marinello's wife!"




pdf file of Zenquaker Site.

"In addition to being our Abbot, Genjo Osho is a psychotherapist in private practice, a certificated spiritual director from a program affiliated with the Vancouver School of Theology, married to wife, Carolyn, and devoted father to daughter, Adrienne."





"Re: Zen Studies Society, NYS Reg. # 10-97-68,  Complaint  #l0CHN0494"

"The Charities Bureau has received your recent complaint concerning the above named entity. Your complaint will be reviewed to evaluate whether sufficient basis exists for action by the Attorney General."




Stuart Lachs Posts to the buddha-l List.

“Things were picking up steam in the Shimano arena well before this ‘brave woman stood up this June and stuck her shovel into the heap that is Shimano Roshi.’ As a result of a telephone conversation in July of 2008 with Kobutsu Malone, a Zen priest ordained by Shimano in 1993, Aitken decided to unseal the sealed portion of his extensive papers at the U. of Hawaii at Manoa library. I learned of the files and obtained a photo copy from the University library. I thought the contents of the unsealed files were important, and should be more widely known, so along with Vlad K. owner of jointly wrote an article ‘The Aitken -Shimano Letters’. Some time after the files were unsealed they went up on the internet.”

“Shimano's defenders claimed all the trouble ended in 1993, the last scandal on record. It is a pretty disturbing case described in, files 241 and 253. The main defender, Genjo Marinello, an heir of Shimano's claims how close their relationship has been for fifteen years and mentions all the retreats and dokusan they did together and in all that time he never heard of anything troubling or of inappropriate behavior. He and another defender Nonin Chowaney, a Katagiri heir, were dismissive and critical of Malone, myself, Genkaku (Adam Fisher), an ex-Shimano disciple who has a blog, and Aitken. Some how they wondered why Aitken put his name in this? If they had read the files it would be very clear why Aitken was involved.”

“I believe the most recent woman read the ‘shimanoarchive’ and realized what was happening; that she was but the last name on a long list. It was in this context that she bravely stood up at dinner and announced in front of Shimano and other members of the sangha her two year secret affair with Shimano. This caused havoc with the defenders who have yet to apologize and with the Board of Directors and I assume at least some members of their group. A lot was happening before this woman stood and announced her affair. It did however, break the defenders original defense and shook the BoD out of their complacency. The Zen Studies Society has a long history of their BoDs covering for and protecting their leader.”

“I believe some years later Kobutsu Malone became embroiled with Shimano. He wrote or called Aitken to ask for counseling concerning his perceived mistreatment from Shimano. I believe Aitken was glad to see Malone confronting Shimano and ready to take him on in the public arena. Aitken was glad to help Malone and this cemented their old and close friendship. I think this was the immediate cause of unsealing the sealed files. Aitken has felt guilty for a long time over keeping the Shimano trouble secret and my guess is he felt responsible from the 1960's on. Over the years, Aitken did precious little, even for a while sat on the stage with Shimano in the late 1970's/early 1980's discussing Zen at large public events. Years went past and he was old, ill and approaching death and wanted to set the record straight, but it was too late to do it himself. He offered assistance to others who would do that work. He has been a great assistance to Kobutsu and they developed an especially endearing closeness near the end of Aitken's life. Aitken's last public words summed up his view of Shimano, ‘he is a crook’ and his actions are the 'product of his criminal mind'. Aitken also spoke of the women who came forward to the Board of Directors of the Zen Studies Society saying ‘I am awed by their courage; I want to give them all the possible encouragement I can.’ "

Please Note: The file index numbers referenced in this entry are no longer valid.  The referenced numbers are probably referring to:





An email Sent to the ZSS Board of Directors by a Male Shiatsu Therapist.

The name of and identifying information for this person has been redacted from this document.

"... during dokusan Eido Roshi (嶋野 栄道) asked me to come to his room that evening after meditation to give him a Shiatsu massage."

"I distinctly remember him saying 'do not let anyone see you come to my room.'"

"I proceeded to give him a Shiatsu massage. When I asked him to turn over to be face up, I saw that he had an erection. He was clothed but it was obvious to me he had an erection."




A Letter from Christopher Hamacher to the ZSS Board of Directors.

"With this letter I'm not going to bother addressing all the inappropriate acts, since they speak for themselves. The fact that, as a charitable organization, you and/or Shimano haven't already drawn the obvious and absolutely non-negotiable consequences long ago is beyond my comprehension in any case.

What I will address, though, is the equally incomprehensible opinion apparently held by some Board members that, despite all of the abuse, Mr. Shimano (嶋野氏) might still be a worthy teacher "in other respects." In stating my case, I will even ignore the fact that such an opinion is both grossly insensitive to his victims and deeply misinformed about the point of Zen practice in the first place. Instead, I will simply relate my own experience with regard to such "other respects," i.e. from the viewpoint of a perfectly normal sesshin participant, one who was not in fact sexually accosted, lied to, cheated on, threatened, defrauded, or otherwise even remotely mistreated by Mr. Shimano (嶋野氏). Indeed, his interactions with me were always cordial and straightforward, even pleasant. Yet I still affirm without hesitation that he is a shockingly hollow teacher, if not completely illegitimate."



嶋野 栄道 辞任 請願

Compelling Reasons Why
Eido Tai Shimano, the Abbot
of The Zen Studies Society
Should Step Down as its Spiritual Leader


Eido Shimano Resignation Petition

190 Signatories
Captured 03/19/11

“We, the undersigned Dharma teachers and concerned members of the Maha Sangha call on Rev. Eido Tai Shimano (嶋野 栄道) to withdraw immediately from his position as Abbot and Spiritual Leader of The Zen Studies Society.

“Archives recently published on the Internet reveal the enormity and historical depth of Eido Shimano’s (嶋野 栄道) violations of the Buddhist precepts going back at least 40 years. With every passing day, former Sangha members, male and female, come forward to recount their stories.

Eido Shimano (嶋野 栄道) has denied none of it.

Judged by the standards of civil society, Buddhist law, clergy ethics, or any other standard applicable to the conduct of human affairs, Eido Shimano’s (嶋野 栄道) conduct has been a disgrace. It has been an affront not only to the monks and nuns of Dai Bosatsu Zendo, to the practitioners of New York Zendo Shobo-ji, to the Zen Studies Society Sangha, but to sincere Buddhist practitioners everywhere.

The repeated refusal of successive Boards of Directors of the Zen Studies Society to apply minimal professional standards to their Abbot violates our sense of decency.

The abbot had liaisons with many dharma students; with an officer of the Society; with at least one ordained nun; and most recently, yet another kessei student. Some students allege that the seductions were initiated in a Dokusan setting. This is where the student meets the roshi in a private, confidential, and formal setting during sesshin (retreat).

Additional accounts recently published by the writer Robin Westen cannot be ignored. More women are named by Adam Fisher (Genkaku). And as early as 1964, Robert Aitken (later Aitken Roshi) documented the seduction of two female sangha members being ministered to by Eido Shimano (嶋野 栄道) who became patients in a Hawaii mental facility.

The internet documents give us so many accusations over so many years, and so many women involved, that it is now impossible for The Zen Studies Society or its Abbot to refute them. The documents allow you to make a chronology of monumental abuse of power and undue influence over almost half a century.”




A Text Email Allegedly from Shimano to the Sangha - With no Letterhead, Signature or Seal.

"I would like to acknowledge the pain and unnecessary suffering you went through in your hearts due to my faults. I have a profound feeling of remorse for my actions.

This August marked my 50th anniversary in the United States. During this half-century I have received so much from people the world over. Over time, I took your kindness for granted and arrogance grew in my heart. As a result, my sensitivity to feel the pain of others decreased. Now, as I reflect on the past, I realize how many people's feelings and trust in me were hurt by my words and deeds. Please accept my heartfelt apology.

My mother was the person who encouraged me the most to follow Buddha's path. Tomorrow is her memorial day, as she passed away on September 8, 1986. Hearing her voice, I have decided to observe my 50th anniversary in the United States by stepping down from my position as abbot of the Zen Studies Society on the last day of Rohatsu sesshin in 2010.

Even though I carry sadness in my heart, as a Buddhist monk, my vow to practice will not end. In order to preserve the Dharma legacy, ensure the training of future teachers, and to purify my own karma, I must march on."



Japanese Translation



私の落度により、あなた方の心中に、苦痛と、不必要な苦しみをもたらしてしまった事を認め(acknowledge)たいと思います。私は、自分の行動に対し、深い自責の念に駆られています(a profound feeling of remorse)。


私の母は、私が仏門に進むことを最も励ましてくれた人でした。明日は、1986年9月8日に逝った、その母の命日です。母の(声無き)声を聞き、私は、私の渡米50周年を、禅スタディー・ソサエティー(Zen Studies Society)の住職を、2010年の臘八接心の最終日を以って、引退することによって迎える事を決意しました。

心中に一抹の寂しさはありますが、仏教僧侶として、私の修行への願は、まだ終りません。法の功績を保持し(to preserve the Dharma legacy)、将来の指導者の教育を担保、そして私の自身の業を浄化する為に、私は進み続けます。





German Translation

Ein Schreiben per E-Mail, ohne Unterschrift oder Stempel, von Shimano an den Sangha.

"Ich möchte den Schmerz und das unnötige Leiden, die Sie durch meine Fehler in Ihren Herzen erlebten, anerkennen. Ich habe für mein Handeln ein tiefes Gefühl der Reue.

Im August war mein 50-jähriges Jubiläum in den Vereinigten Staaten. Während dieses halben Jahrhunderts habe ich so viel von den Menschen auf der ganzen Welt bekommen. Im Laufe der Zeit betrachtete ich Ihre Güte als selbstverständlich und es wuchs in meinem Herzen Arroganz. Dadurch ist meine Sensibilität gegenüber dem Leiden der Anderen geschrumpft. Wenn ich nun über die Vergangenheit nachdenke, wird mir klar, wie viele Menschen es waren, deren Gefühle und Vertrauen in mich durch meine Worte und Taten verletzt wurden. Bitte akzeptieren Sie meine herzliche Entschuldigung.

Meine Mutter war die Person, die mich am meisten ermutigt hat, Buddhas Weg zu folgen. Morgen ist ihr Gedenktag, da sie am 8. September 1986 starb. Ihre Stimme hörend, habe ich beschlossen, anläßlich meines 50. Jubiläums in den Vereinigten Staaten von meinem Amt als Abt der Zen Studies Society am letzten Tag des Rohatsu Sesshins 2010 zurückzutreten.

Obwohl ich Trauer in meinem Herzen trage, als buddhistischer Mönch wird mein Gelöbnis, weiter zu praktizieren, nicht aufhören. Um das Dharma-Vermächtnis zu bewahren, die Ausbildung künftiger Lehrer zu sichern, und mein eigenes Karma zu bereinigen, muss ich voranschreiten."




Tricycle: The Buddhist Review
Editor's Blog
A Message from Eido Shimano
Captured 04/24/11

Fifty-Two Pages.




Foreign Policy In Focus – A Project of the Institute for Policy Studies

The Worst of Both Worlds: The "Shimano Problem" Underscores Clash of Cultures When Buddhism Spread to West  

by Russ Wellen

“The ‘Shimano Problem’ and its recent resolution make this an opportune time to briefly explore the subject of Buddhism's integration into the West. Eido Shimano Roshi had been the abbot of the New York Zen Studies Society, one of the oldest Buddhist institutions in the West, and its 1,400-acre Dai Bosatsu retreat in the Catkills [sic] until he resigned from both earlier this week. Even though he's headed the former since 1965 and is 77 years old, he isn't retiring. This comment below, posted at the Tricycle Buddhist magazine blog in reaction to the apology that accompanied his announcement, gives you an idea of what transpired.”

“Take it from someone who has known Eido Shimano for over thirty years, this is anything but a sincere apology. It is the same tired routine he has repeated each time he has been ‘caught with his robe open’ for three decades.”

“As for Shimano, his serial philandering was a source of concern for decades to long-time colleague Roshi Robert Aitken, who recently died. At the Zen Site, Vladimir K. and Stuart Lachs illuminated a series of letters from Aitken to Shimano and to others in the Zen community, including two of Japan's most venerated roshis who had been his teachers. Only much later was one of them inclined to condemn Shimano. Watch how the culture clash played out in this instance. (Emphasis added.)”

“Aitken excuses this lack of interest by the two Japanese Zen masters to cultural differences between America and Japan, writing 'it is important to understand that mental illness and character pathology are viewed tolerantly in Japan.' Aitken infers that he believes that Shimano may be suffering some form of mental illness or pathology, calling him 'someone in a different dimension altogether.'  Nevertheless, Shimano's Japanese teachers ‘felt responsible for him, and were not prepared to disgrace him by recalling him to Japan.’"

“Finally, a couple random observations about the issues teachers in Eastern traditions sometimes have with power and sex:”

“The sheer immaturity they're manifesting is breathtaking. Either they're resisting the transformation that long hours of meditation should be impressing on them or, in the belief that they're fully realized, or enlightened, they think that they're beyond the effects of bad karma on their future as souls.”

“It goes without saying that these problems are all but nonexistent in woman-led sanghas and zendos.”




An Exchange of Emails.
A Female Former DBZ Kessei Student Files Complains About Shimano's Behavior to the ZSS Board and Ethics Committee.

The names and identifying information for various people have been redacted from this document on request.

“In light of the recent revelations of Eido Shimano Roshi’s (嶋野 栄道) inappropriate relationship with a young dharma student, together with the allegations over the past 40 years, I am terminating my relationship with Eido Roshi (嶋野 栄道) as a student and terminating my connection to Dai Bosatsu Zendo. I find it completely unacceptable that Eido Roshi (嶋野 栄道) is still in a position of authority and influence.”

 “Evidently even confessions to the sangha has not resulted in an effective change of Eido Roshi's (嶋野 栄道) misconduct as demonstrated already over time.”

 “I have read in a two different publications by Genjo pointing out the this recent affair with Roshi (嶋野 栄道) was initiated by this young student. Why, Yuho, does Genjo point this out? Is it because he somehow believes that Roshi (嶋野 栄道) was the one who was ‘seduced.’’

 “It appears to me that the Zen Studies Society really needs outside monitoring. As there is nothing officially in place for this service, I have to say the Shimano Archives was the best thing to happen to your organization.”




January 8, 2011
30 Minute Segment

Deep Introspection

A talk given by Shinge Roshi Roko Sherry Chayat

Sunday, September 19, 2010.

Zen Center of Syracuse Hoen-ji: Teisho Project

All talks listed here were given as talks at the Zen Center of Syracuse unless otherwise noted.

Selections of the talks offered at the Zen Center are also offered as a podcast through iTunes, which you can subscribe to here.




Genjo Marinello Posts to the Open Buddha Blog:

"After this date the board has gone on to:

Engage the FaithTrust Institute to help us process ethics complaints and consult with us on how to best achieve a positive future for our Society.

We have instigated a complete rewrite of the ZSS bylaws that will be membership based, with a much more democratic structure, which we hope to have in place by late January, 2011.

We are pursuing a “forensic” audit of the whole financial structure of the organization so that we can understand all our assets and liabilities from the ground up.

After completing the first phase of our ethics investigation, we concluded that a sincere letter of apology was needed, along with a much earlier retirement date for Roshi. The board made this known to Roshi (嶋野 栄道) at our Labor Day weekend meeting with him.

The Board meets face to face with the New York Sangha Labor Day weekend and everyone is heard.

Eido Roshi (嶋野 栄道) writes his letter of apology that announces his retirement as Abbot at the close of this training season 12/8/10. Roshi’s (嶋野 栄道) retirement is officially accepted and acknowledged by the Board.

Aiho-san (愛法) is scheduled to step down as the director of Shobo-Ji, New York City Zendo, by the first of the year. A new director(s) is being selected and will be in place by January 1st, 2011.

Shinge Roko (露光) Sherry Chayat Roshi will be installed as the new Abbot of the Zen Studies Society on January 2nd, 2011."



Tricycle: The Buddhist Review
Editor's Blog
A Message from Eido Shimano.

Post by Rodo Harold Weisberg.

“It was the fall of 1975, Eido Roshi was mysteriously missing and Soen Roshi was giving, Teisho, Dokusan and Sesshin (- see Larry Shainberg's book ‘Ambivalent Zen’). It was a most important time in my spiritual practice and the New York's zendo's soul. It culminated in the Rohatsu of Dec. 1975. Jinta and me sat every night competiting [sic] on how long and how great our samadhi was, or how we were both crazy. The morning of the last night, (Buddha's enlightentment [sic] against MARA), Eido Roshi takes the high seat and to our amazement disbanded the New York Zendo sangha and retreated to the DEEP mountains of the Catskills, called Daibosatsu mountain. ”

“During the Christmas/New Year break, threre [sic] was lots of speculation, nevertheless the ZSS schedule had a winter Rohatsu at Daibosatsu. Since I was in the Zen Zone of zen practice, I signed up. After all it was a sesshin with both Soen Roshi and Eido Roshi. It was not a disappointing sesshin as the zendo was full but not overcrowded. There was a blizzard on the second day. Eido Roshi and Soen Roshi were battling over the translation of ‘on opening ‘the’ dharma or ‘this’ dharma... We can now see ‘it’ or ‘this’. I think Soen Roshi won this argument. ‘On opening this Dharma’. Suddenly a stomach flu hit, and almost the entire participants were in the bathroom and not the zendo. On the last morning, the wind stopped, the flu left and the sun came out. The sky was blue and somehow there was some kind of purification or understanding of the dharmakaya. The upheaval in the sangha, left me homeless as Nensho, whose apartment I was subletting returned to the city, and took back his apartment that I was subletting. Since there was a vancacy [sic] at the the New York Zendo I applied for residency. Eido Roshi objected, as he wanted Roy, but somehow the Board gave me the residency. After awhile Eido Roshi admitted that I was the best resident director up to that time. ”

“One day Eido Roshi called me to Daibusatsu [sic] in order to discuss the schedule. What was planned for Nirvanna day, Gempo's memorial and Buddha's birthday. I had no idea. So I invited him to New York, for a one day sitting, an evening memorial and a weekend Sesshin. I knew I couldn't conduct services but maybe he should? It could be said, that I was the most influential person in the Rebirth of the New York sangha in 1976! I have no regrets and was always honest with every new student. After all, following morning service, a breakfast special at Kasey's reveals all, Eido Roshi was the teacher and I was the student. After two years I decided to leave New York Zendo and head toward Jerusalem and participate with the Dead Sea Sangha and study with Kyudo Roshi. Eido Roshi was furious but in the end wished me the best.”

“ I met Kyudo Roshi, a disciple of Soen, and wanted to study with him on the Mt. Of Olives. He is the exact opposite of Eido. How could two zen masters from the same teacher be so different? One is into power and attachment and the other has no corners and no attachments? It's all in Larry Shainberg's book. So here I'm writing a defense of Eido Roshi and don' t mention his teachings. He is my Zen Teacher. He gave me Zen practice and turned it into exquisite Zazen. He taught me life and death! 32 years later, I have a wife, two kids grown up and I still practice every morning, more or less, the 4 great vows. Thank you Eido Roshi, as ‘what more do we seek as the truth is reveaveales’ [sic]. I hope you retire in peace and give great lectures. I hope you command the same fees as Bill Clinton a great president that is being reevaluated forn [sic] his great works!”





Dharma Transmission Genealogical Table From the Zen Master Hakuin.

From the Rinzai-shu Daitokuji-ha Yuusenji in Shizuoka web site:





Dharma Transmission Genealogical Table From the Zen Master Hakuin.

日昭和.平成 禅僧寺 临济.黄檗篇
编者 临济会
Tel: 03-3255-9611




Dharma Transmission Genealogical Table From the Zen Master Hakuin.


Mishima-city Museum of Local History

The entire publication (in Japanese) is available here: 





Japanese Wikipedia Entry on
Shimano Eido 嶋野栄道.

October 1st, 2010

Mentioned: New York Times, Sex Scandal Has U.S. Buddhists Looking Within, Shimano Archive, Zen Study Society. Links to various entries in this archive were provided.

(See entry for: 11/16/10)




Department of the Treasury - Internal Revenue Service

Form 3949 A

Information Referral

"The following references are from the website and illustrate some of the illegal or highly questionable actions of Mr. Eido Tai Shimano and his Zen Studies Society."




Email Exchange Between Rev. Dr. Marie Fortune and Rev. Kobutsu Malone.

“The Society understands that there is public knowledge that the FTI provided suggestions to the Society, and that these were read at the sangha meeting.  These six suggestions are embodied in the FTI's September 2nd, 2010 confidential memo to the Society, and reproduced below:

So at this point, we make the following suggestions:

 ·        Eido Shimano (嶋野 栄道) must end his tenure as Abbot as soon as possible.  As long as he remains in this role or in any other official capacity, the integrity of ZSS is compromised.

·        If there are students who wish to continue to study with Eido (嶋野 栄道), they may do so on their own but not under the auspices of ZSS.

 ·        Eido Shimano (嶋野 栄道) should make a full public apology acknowledging his misconduct and his regret for harm done to ZSS.

·        Conduct a formal financial audit for the organization.  Issue a summary audit report available to the Sangha members.

·        Consult with your Zen colleagues who have gone through major restructuring to address misconduct issues, e.g. ZCLA, to help with by-laws revisions and restructuring.

 ·        Read Marilyn R. Peterson’s At Personal Risk: Boundary Violations in Professional-Client Relationships.”




A Text Only Email Letter, No Stationary, No Signature, No Chop - Allegedly an Official Letter From The Zen Studies Society Board of Directors to the ZSS Sangha.

“This has been a year of many changes for The Zen Studies Society. This letter is intended to update you on the developments that have occurred.”

“On January 23rd, 2010, at the annual ZSS Board meeting, Eido Shimano Roshi (嶋野 栄道) announced his intention to retire. This year marks the 50th anniversary of his arrival in the United States. As his last project, he wanted to build a Sanmon (entrance gate) for DBZ, which had been his original vision when DBZ first opened in 1976. He has raised the funds needed to fulfill his vision, and the project is scheduled to be completed next year.”

“Also, in February, as part of his retirement plans, Roshi (嶋野 栄道) retired from his role as guest professor at Shogen Junior College (of which Yamakawa Sogen Roshi (山川宗玄老師) is President) in Gifu Prefecture, Japan, where he has taught for the past 20 years.”

“On Labor Day Weekend, September 4th, several meetings were held at New York Zendo with Eido Roshi (嶋野 栄道), the Board, and the Faith Trust Institute, who were enlisted to help guide The Zen Studies Society in response to a series of ethical breaches.”

 “The meetings included lengthy discussions during which the FTI issued a series of recommendations (now posted on our website). Additionally, the Board met with a large group of sangha members and heard their input and suggestions.”




Zen Forum International Thread on Eido Shimano's Lineage

Captured: 02/18/11

"Some people say that Eido-roshi's transmission from Soen Nakagawa is suspect. Some say it was complete. Some say that Eido Shimano went through dharma transmission with another teacher before he studied with Soen-roshi. I, like Carol, am not interested in either speculation or rumor or debating about the subject. Eido Shimano transmitted a handful of teachers, and they will carry on the lineage, whatever that may be. They are all recognized by other Zen teachers, Rinzai and Soto, and are full members of the American Zen Teachers' Association (AZTA)."

"Kapleau-roshi was never fully transmitted by Yasutani-roshi, but established himself as the progenitor of a vibrant lineage. His main dharma heir, Bodhin Kjolhede, has established himself as a respected teacher and has transmitted his own disciples. All are recognized by their peers both in and out of the AZTA."

"There are many ways to complete dharma transmission, say, when the original teacher dies or there is a break between master and disciple. Sometimes the master will disown a disciple for spurious reasons, especially when the master gets old and decrepit. I've seen this happen. What's important in these cases is that the disciple either complete his or her training with another master or continue the tradition even if there is a break between her or him and the master."

"As a sidelight, even though his transmission with Kapleau-roshi was complete, Bodhin Kjolhede wanted to complete the koan curriculum that Philip Kapleau didn't complete with Yasutani. Bodhin's disciple, Sevan Ross, had completed the curriculum with James Ford, a teacher in the Kennett-roshi and Sanbo Kyodan lineages, so Bodhin then completed the curriculum with Sevan. This is somewhat un-orthodox, studying under your disciple, but it worked in this case and linked Bodhin with Yasutani in a roundabout way."




Japanese Wikipedia Entry on
Shimano Eido 嶋野栄道.

November 16th, 2010

All references, links to the archives and recent negative publicity have been removed.

(See entry for: 10/01/10)




A Letter From Shimano to The Zen Studies Society Board of Directors.

“Firstly, you have inherited a three-story former carriage house on the Upper East Side of Manhattan Island without any mortgage. You have also inherited over 1,200 acres of land in the Catskill Mountains with a lake and a few buildings –again without any mortgage. In addition, you have inherited about $500,000 in cash. These are the results of your predecessors' efforts. It is now your responsibility to keep and manage well all these assets for the practice of Rinzai Zen Buddhism and leave it to the next generation.”

“Under any circumstances, not even a square foot of property or a speck of dust should be sold. Right now this is under your management, but strictly speaking it is the property of the Dharma. Keep that in your mind.”

“To effect this, I am requesting that the Board pass a resolution at its meeting on December 9, 2010 that no properties will be sold and no land disposed of in perpetuity.”

“There are no other Zen centers in the United States which have such a strong connection to the Japanese tradition. I mention specifically only the language issue, but the forms and the zazen must not be changed. For at least two or three hundred years, it should be kept as it is now. It is your responsibility to sustain this Dharma legacy.”

“As for the residents at DBZ, there are seven or eight right now; they are fairly committed. But when I retire, they may start to think of their own lives. Although I told them I will commute and see them as a retired Founding Abbot, it will not be the same as in the past Without residents, DBZ cannot exist even for one day, especially during the wintertime: the furnace, plowing the roads, and other unexpected happenings must be taken care of. So my strong suggestion for Shinmei-san, (from now on I will call new abbot Shinmei-san which means 'new life') is to spend at least half of her time each month at D BZ, so that she can become familiar with the operations and also start to have a good personal relationship with all the residents.”

“Fujin has expressed her plan that in spring of 2011, she will be away for three months; and from spring of 2012 she will move on to Japan for a long, long time. While she is at DBZ, it is a good chance for the new candidates, which includes Shinmei-san as well as all board members, to become familiarized with how to operate that huge place. And I will be there from time to time and will be more than happy to be consulted. It took me over 30 years to build the present-day traditions and forms as it is now. With these forms our zazen becomes strong and deep -this I am convinced. Sesshin is important, but what is more important is the time between the sesshins. This is not known among visiting Sangha-members.”

“I will be free from any responsibilities, particularly fundraising, once I retire. In the past, both domestically and internationally, my personal friends supported DBZ. This may not happen as much as it happened in the past. In other words, income decreases and expense increases: this is not an unforeseen reality. Keep this in your mind. This may be true at Shobo-ji as well.”

“Fifthly, just to restate that my scrolls, scriptures and ceremonial objects are being loaned to the Zen Studies Society on a provisional basis until a more permanent arrangement can be established.”

“Finally, I am enclosing two letters: (i) a letter written by Togen Jim Streit regarding my on-going payments which is self-explanatory; and (ii) a letter written by Marjorie Hoey, my lawyer, regarding clarification of my life insurance policy. But this letter mainly is my last words of advice for you to keep our two zendos thriving.”

“I am looking forward to being invited to attend the Board Meeting on December 9th as Founding Abbott and, hopefully to see you at Rohatsu, my last sesshin as an abbot.”




ZSS Announcement: Shinge-shitsu Roko Sherry Chayat Roshi will be Installed as the Monastery's Second Abbot.

"After fifty years of unparalleled dedication to the transmission of Rinzai Zen Buddhism to America, Muishitsu Eido Sotai Shimano Roshi (嶋野 栄道) will retire on the last day of Rohatsu Sesshin, December 8, 2010, becoming the Founding Abbot of the Zen Studies Society's temples, Dai Bosatsu Zendo Kongo-ji and New York Zendo Shobo-ji.

Eido Roshi's (嶋野 栄道) unsparing efforts to root in American soil the legacy of our rich Dharma lineage from Hakuin Ekaku Zenji (白隠 慧鶴) to Gempo Yamamoto Roshi (山本 玄峰) and Soen Nakagawa Roshi (中川 宋淵), from Soyen Shaku Roshi (釈 宗演) to D.T. Suzuki (鈴木 大拙 貞太郎) and Nyogen Senzaki (千 崎 如幻), have brought us to this momentous time of growth and flowering."




Text of Chayat's Biography and Vision.
From The ZSS Website.

"Shinge Roshi expresses her gratitude for 'Eido Roshi’s (嶋野 栄道) uncompromising and penetrating Dharma Eye, which reveals directly the luminous power of the unconditioned mind.' ”

“'When reading aloud from the Soen Roku at Hoen-ji’s Dai Bosatsu Mandala Day services, I feel as though his voice comes through me from the depths of his profound realization.

'To have worked with two such masters in dokusan, digging ever more deeply into koans and into the challenges of daily life—what a gift,' she says."

"Shinge Roshi is committed to upholding the authentic Rinzai training to which Eido Roshi (嶋野 栄道) has dedicated his life, as well as adhering to the ethical principles so well articulated by the Buddhist precepts. "

"Shinge Roshi knows her new role will bring complex challenges. 'No matter how difficult it may be, this next phase of my life is, after all, just the continuation of my vow: to be a vessel of the Dharma.' It is with this unshakeable faith that she assumes the role of Abbot of Dai Bosatsu Zendo."




2011 New Year's Appeal from The Zen Center of Syracuse.

“As I look toward expanding my work, becoming abbot of Dai Bosatsu Zendo in addition to my responsibilities here, I am buoyed by the serious yet exuberant practice of my students.”

“In order to meet the considerable financial obligations that make our work possible, we humbly request your year-end support, so that we may continue to offer authentic Zen training, enhance our surrounding community's well-being, care for our beautiful facilities, and provide a place of serenity and true happiness for all.”

“The enclosed 2011 ‘Be Well, Be Safe’ card has been on the Zen Center's altar. You may place it near the front door in your home, as a blessing for you and your family in the coming year, and to welcome visitors.”




Email from Tenshin Hill to Kobutsu Malone.

"I sadly know who some of the victims are. I also know of one married Nordic woman who most of the ordained male residents at DBZ slept with during her Kessei – this was during a difficult period in her life, which is what led her to DBZ. I also remember clearly that Genjo Marinello and some of his Sangha attended Sesshin while this woman cried her way through the entire week. She left a blasted hulk.

How Genjo can state that he had no clue that anything was remiss after having his pores opened by a week-long sit, yet be clear enough to be a teacher is an incongruity I will leave everyone to noodle with privately on their own. In the least, I think it makes his position on the ZSS Board untenable."




An Open Letter from Kobutsu Malone to Eizen Goto, Roshi - Abbot of Ryutaku-Ji Monastery.

  • Is Eido Shimano (嶋野 栄道) a recognized Dharma heir of Soen Nakagawa Roshi (中川 宋淵)?

  • Do the attached documents constitute proof of Shimano (嶋野 栄道) having received “inka” from Soen Nakagawa (中川 宋淵)?

  • If so, (a) is there any evidence that Soen Nakagawa (中川 宋淵) ever revoked or otherwise disavowed this “inka” and (b) is this “inka” recognized by Ryutaku-ji (龍沢寺) or any recognized Rinzai Zen institution?




A Signed Letter in English from Eido Shimano to The New York Times.

"I do not want this article and my retirement to be linked. One has nothing to do with the other - there is no cause and effect."

“Mr. Oppenheimer did not interview me for this article, nor did he speak with Mr. Aitken or the young woman who is referred to in the article. The article states that he attempted to contact me and that I did not return several phone calls - this is just not true. I was never contacted by Mr. Oppenheimer, nor did I receive any correspondence from him at either my Livingston Manor address or my New York City address.”

"When I returned to the United States, many people brought this article to my attention. The effect has been profound. Many people are hurt and confused. As an aside, minutes from our Board of Directors meetings are private documents. If they wound up in Hawaii or in Mark Oppenheimer's possession, they were improperly obtained andor delivered. Did anyone question why Mr. Aitken would write about a Buddhist monk for 50 years, when I have had contact with him only twice since 1964? I shall look forward to hear what your journalist, Mark Oppenheimer, has to say about the contents of my letter.'

[See entry of: 12/26/10 & 03/00/07]



German Translation

Ein unterschriebener Brief auf English von Eido Shimano an die New York Times.

"Weil ich vorhabe, in diesem Jahr in Rente zu gehen, möchte ich nicht, dass dieser Artikel mit meinem Ruhestand in Verbindung gebracht wird. Das eine hat nichts mit dem anderen zu tun - es gibt keine Ursache und Wirkung."

"Weder hat mich Herr Oppenheimer für den Artikel interviewt, noch hat er mit Herrn Aitken oder der jungen Frau, auf die sich der Artikel bezieht, gesprochen. Der Artikel behauptet, dass er versucht hat, mit mir Kontakt aufzunehmen und dass ich mich trotz verschiedener Versuche nicht gemeldet habe - dies ist schlicht falsch. Ich wurde nie von Herrn Oppenheimer kontaktiert, noch habe ich irgendwelche Korrespondenz von ihm erhalten, weder an meine Adresse in Livingston Manor noch an meine Adresse in New York City. "

"Als ich in die USA zurückkehrte, haben mich viele Leute auf den Artikel angesprochen. Die Wirkung war tief. Viele Menschen sind verletzt und bestürzt. Nebenbei gesagt sind Protokolle aus unseren Vorstandssitzungen vertrauliche Dokumente. Wenn sie nach Hawaii oder im Besitz von Herrn Oppenheimer gelangt sind, wurden sie in unzulässiger Weise bekommen bzw. herausgegeben. Hat sich jemand gefragt, warum Herr Aitken 50 Jahre lange über einen buddhistischen Mönch schreibt, wenn ich mit ihm nur zwei Mal seit 1964 Kontakt gehabt habe? Ich bin gespannt, was Ihr Journalist Herr Oppenheimer zu meinem Brief zu sagen hat."




On Wednesday morning, the 8th of December, the sun will rise in Manhattan at 7:07 A.M.  Those who are on the sidewalk at the Zen Studies Society at 223 East 67th Street hope to draw attention to the sexual and financial depredations of Eido Tai Shimano, "Abbot" of Shobo-ji and Dai Bosatsu Zendos.

"His sexual manipulations of students were brazen enough so that even The New York Times published a feature article titled “Sex Scandal has American Buddhist’s Looking Within.” They also led, largely through the efforts of Robert Aitken Roshi and the Rev. Kobutsu Malone, to the creation of the Shimano Archive, an extensive collection of  documents detailing painful circumstances to which Mr. Shimano (嶋野氏) has never seen fit to respond directly and honestly."

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